Volunteer Development

This section and all cited resources are designed to support IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities volunteers in their training, education, and development pursuits.

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IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence

The Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) is a learning resource aimed at meeting the self-improvement needs of professionals as well as those who are preparing to enter professional practice in the electro-technology fields served by IEEE. All IEEE members — practitioners, students, volunteers, and non-volunteers — are encouraged to make use of CLE resources.

Visit the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence

Membership Development Related Training 

Information and resources for IEEE volunteer training related to membership development are located on the MD portal.


Training Webinars for Student Branch Development

The IEEE Student webinar series is focused on building awareness of what is offered to students and ways students can get involved in IEEE activities.

Learn more about IEEE Student webinars on IEEE.org

Information modules for Student Branches can also be found on the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence

Email IEEE Student Services at student-services@ieee.org for a recording of any of the webinars.



IEEE is an authorized provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for technical professionals looking for professional development opportunities. Through IEEE's continuing education offerings professional engineers can also earn PDH certificates that can be used toward their Professional Development Hours (PDHs) requirements for maintaining licensure. 

Learn more about IEEE certificate programs on the IEEE.org

Treasurer Training Workshops 

October 21, 2023


Overview & Agenda (mp4)

2023 MGA Treasurers Training Opening Comments Oct. (pptx, 1.6 MB)

MGA Finance Overview (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Finance Overview Oct. (pptx, 1.6 MB)
NextGen Financial Reporting (mp4) 2023 Treasurers Training-NextGen Fincl Rept-Geo Unit. (pptx, 21.5MB)
Next Gen Update (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training NextGen Oct. (pptx, 6.2 MB)
Accounting Update (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Accounting Update Oct. (pptx, 3.8 MB)
Geo Unit Banking (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Banking Oct. (pptx, 3.0 MB)
IEEE_2023_Risk_Assessment_1 (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Risk Assessment Revised (pptx, 1.4 MB)
Geo Unit Conferences - MCE (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurer Training Conferences Oct.  (pptx, 34.9 MB)
Concur Overview (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Concur Oct. (ppt, 7.4 MB)
Audit Overview (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Audit Oct. (pptx, 13.4 MB)
Training - CLE (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Training - CLE Oct. (pptx, 5.5 MB)
Contact Center (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Contact Center Oct. (pptx, 9.9 MB)
IEEE Membership Marketing for Treasurer's Training 2023 (mp4) 2023 MGA Treasurers Training Membership Development Oct. (pptx, 4.7, MB)
vTools for events & Google Update (mp4) 2023 Treasurers Training-vTools Events and Google. (pptx, 9.8, MB)
Round Table Discussion (mp4)



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