IEEE OU Analytics

A visual business intelligence tool for volunteer access to member data

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Use of IEEE OU Analytics must be in accordance with the IEEE 
Data Access and Use Policy.

                 Expanded Access for All Volunteers                                         

Access to the below dashboards are open to all current reported volunteers.  Reports do not contain member detail information.  They only contain the current counts as specified by the report selected.

                     -  Access the MAP Module
                     -  Access the Doublet Dashboard
                     -  Access the Memberships and Subscriptions Monthly Statistics


Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime

- Maintenance is performed every Sunday Scheduled downtime begins at 8:00 AM ET and lasts approximately 1-2 hours.

- Server patching will occur every 4th Thursday between 3:30 and 5:30 PM ET



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Annual Service Deactivation

The annual service deactivation is run each February. Members who have not paid their current year's dues are changed to an IEEE membership status of "arrears," and members who were previously in arrears are changed to "inactive."

The definitions of the IEEE membership status levels are:

  • AR: member has not renewed for the current membership year (2023)
  • IN: member has not renewed since the previous membership year (2022 or prior)
  • RS: member has informed IEEE that he or she wished to discontinue membership
  • NA: different reasons for NA. Most of these records were never members. They may have some non-member volunteer experience. Most of these records are not available in OU Analytics.



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