Vitality means performing the duties, initiative, energy, and enthusiasm . Vital organizational units (Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups and Student Branches) better serve their members. Some years ago IEEE Member and Geographic Activities made Section Vitality a priority. In order to have all the Sections alive and active, IEEE needs many enthusiastic volunteers on all levels and especially on the Section level.

Region Vitality Coordinators  

The Region Vitality Coordinator (RVC) works under the direction of the Region Director. The RVC monitors the progress of the geographic units in the region in achieving a positive member engagement experience.  The RVC recommends programs, activities and best practices for sections to consider providing their members.  The RVC represents the needs of Section members by providing feedback to Region ExCom and the MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee (GUOS).

2024 Region Vitality Coordinators

Region 1

Bob Pellegrino 

Region 2

Dr. Rhonda Farrell

Region 3 

Sonya Dillard

Region 4

Tom Papademos

Region 5 

Biju Cherian

Region 6

Dan Christenson

Region 7 

Kung Chi Cinnati Loi

Region 8

Ana Madureira

Region 9 

Sergio Camacho

Region 10

Takako Hashimoto
GUOS Committee RVC Representative Theresa Brunasso


Section Election Calendar Tool  

The Election Calendar is a tool to help you plan your election.  Simply enter your planned election date and the chart will automatically populate with suggested dates to complete each action.  You can enter the completed dates to track your progress.  In the item column, there is a detailed list of steps that should be completed to accomplish each item. 

Election Calendar Tool

Section Vitality Checklist 

The Section Vitality Checklist can be used as a guideline for best practices that can lead to a vital and successful section. 

Section Vitality Checklist