Student Branch Operations

In this section, you will find resources to assist officers and volunteers involved in over 3,000 IEEE Student Branches with their operations, promotions, and professional growth. Branches are supported by the work of the Student Activities Committee (SAC).

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Visit the formations and petitions page to learn how new Student Branches are created

Branch operations and reporting

The Student Branch Executive Committee, which consists of Branch Officers, sub-committee Chairs, and the Branch Counselor, has responsibility for administering Branch operations. Please use the resources here, as well as regular meetings and good communication, to ensure an efficient Executive Committee. 

Resources to promote your Branch and IEEE 

Attracting and retaining new members is an opportunity and a challenge for most Student Branches. Branches have natural attrition, through graduation and membership lapses. It is important that Student members see the value of their membership at the Student Branch level and the value of becoming an IEEE Young Professional. These experiences as a higher IEEE Grade member will allow opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and personal growth.

Training and development


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