IEEE Member & Geographic Activities Board (MGA)

2023 MGA Board Members

  • Jill Gostin - MGA Board Chair/Vice President MGA
  • Deepak Mathur - Chair-Elect/Vice President Elect
  • David Koehler - Past Chair
  • Gerardo Barbosa - Treasurer
  • Cecelia Jankowski - Secretary
  • Greg T. Gdowski - Region 1 Director
  • Andrew Lowery - Region 2 Director
  • Theresa Brunasso - Region 3 Director
  • Vickie Ozburn - Region 4 Director
  •  Bob Becnel - Region 5 Director
  • Kathy Herring Hayashi - Region 6 Director
  • Robert L. Anderson - Region 7 Director
  • Vincenzo Piuri - Region 8 Director
  • Enrique A. Tejera - Region 9 Director
  • ChunChe Lance Fung- Region 10 Director
  • Magdalena Salazar-Palma - Vice Chair, Geographic Unit Operations
  • Adriaan van Wijngaarden - Vice Chair, Information Management
  • Mini Thomas - Vice Chair, Member Development
  • Habib Kammoun- Region 8 Zone Representative 
  • Seishi Takamura- Region 10 Zone Representative 
  • Alexander Gelman- Non-voting IEEE SA Liaison 

MGA Board meeting dates, agendas, and minutes

Access to some of the agendas is limited to IEEE volunteers and staff (IEEE Account login and password required). Access to the Minutes document below is public.

Visit the Calendar page to find MGA Board meeting dates and agendas

View MGA/RAB Board meeting minutes prior to 2018 (PDF, 6MB)

Submitting agenda items

Please use the following templates 

Email agenda submissions to the MGA Board Administrator at

 The 2023 MGA Board Meeting Dates:

Saturday, 18 February - Sheraton New York, Time Square, New York, USA 

Saturday, 17 June - Sheraton Grand Chicago, Chicago, Illinois USA

Saturday, 18, November - Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC USA 



*Revisions to the MGA Operations Manual need to be reviewed by the IEEE Governance Committee and should be submitted
in accordance with the IEEE Governance Document agenda submission schedule.

MGA Travel Reimbursements