MGA Travel Reimbursements for MGA Board Meetings

The MGA Board meets during the IEEE Meeting Series.
  • Travel expenses for the MGA Vice President/Chair and Region Directors is shared between MGA and IEEE Corporate Activities.  Corporate Activities covers the airfare and MGA is responsible for some hotel nights and other expenses during the series.
  • Travel expenses for the MGA Chair-Elect, MGA Past Chair, MGA Vice Chairs, and MGA Committee Chairs is covered by MGA. 
  • As part of the Director-Elect training process, it has been agreed that MGA and the Region will split (50/50) the travel expenses to allow for the Region Director-Elects to attend the MGA Board meeting and IEEE Board of Directors meeting.  
  • Travel expenses for the Technical Activities appointments to MGA are covered by the Technical Activities Board. 

For those whose travel and accommodations are paid by MGA, the MGA budgets typically allow for reimbursement of one night prior to the first meeting day and one night following the last meeting day.

All volunteer travel reimbursed by IEEE, shall be for economy class flights or for low-cost business class train fares, where applicable. For 2020, MGA has not budgeted for business class travel.  Please contact the MGA VP and the MGA Treasurer ( if you have specific questions regarding Business Class travel.

Please refer to the IEEE Travel and Expense Guidelines for information on reimbursement.

Please submit your expenses through the IEEE Concur System within 60 days after the date of travel.  IEEE accepts electronic copies of receipts.  Please note, any expense (airfare or other) that is higher than permitted, or is higher than reasonable/customary, and has not been previously approved according to the current IEEE requirements, is reviewed by the MGA Board Chair and Treasurer.  Should you have any Concur related questions please contact