Surveying Members

Surveys are a good way to find out what your local members want and expect.

Survey Assistance

A survey, including a short introductory letter and general questions regarding Section meetings, as well as inquiries regarding volunteering, is a good way to find out what your local members want and expect.  

Because IEEE conducts various membership surveys, you should e-mail the IEEE Corporate Strategy and Communications department before surveying your members.  The staff members can coordinate your efforts and can assist you in doing an online survey.  Online surveys are more economical and are known to receive a better response rate.  

Visit IEEE Strategic Planning and Research on for more information.

Tips and Suggestions

Most Officer positions require that the IEEE member be of higher grade membership status.  You should not have a survey for volunteers sent to those that cannot hold an Officer position, unless it is explained that Students, Associate, and Affiliate members cannot hold Section and Chapter Officer positions (anyone may serve as Newsletter Editor or Webmaster). 

Consider adding an incentive for responding to your survey.  For example, an incentive could be entry in a drawing for a gift or gift certificate.