MGA Awards Nomination Process

Nominator guidelines

The process for nominating candidates for awards will be greatly simplified if the nominator follows the general procedures listed below and supplemental procedures listed for each award. To nominate a candidate for an MGA award, please follow these guidelines:
  • You, as the nominator, can significantly influence the selection process by accurately completing the online nomination form, providing all required documentation, supplying relevant information in concise English, and following all instructions carefully.
  • Use the appropriate online nomination form (link on the top of each specific award page).
  • Consider the distinctive features of the award as described. Review the examples of previous recipients. Ask the question: Does the achievement fit the award?


Nominations for MGA Outstanding Section Awards are currently being accepted until 15 MAY 2024.


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Eligibility requirements

The following are not eligible to be considered for MGA awards:
  • Self-nominations are not allowed; MGA awards are peer-recognized awards, and therefore, self-nomination is not permitted
  • Current members of the MGA Board - an MGA Board member cannot be nominated for an MGA award, nor may they serve as a reference or nominator of a candidate
  • Per IEEE Policy 4.4.B (posthumous awards): posthumous awards shall be made only when knowledge of the awardee's death is received after announcement of the recipient. Nominations of known deceased persons shall not receive consideration
  • Per IEEE Policy 4.4.G (staff ineligibility): members of the IEEE staff shall not be eligible as candidates for any new or revised award
  • Per IEEE Policy 4.4.H (eligibility and process limitations): Individuals serving on any board or committee involved at any stage of the recipient selection or approval process for an award shall be ineligible to receive, or act as a nominator or reference for that award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by IEEE or any of its organizational units. More information on the IEEE Conflict of Interest policy can be found in the IEEE Policies

MGA Awards and Recognition Committee rights

The MGA Awards and Recognition Committee:
  • Will not research unsupported claims or enhance the nomination package in any way
  • Reserves the right to consider any nomination for awards other than the award suggested when, in its opinion, the support and justification may more appropriately apply to other MGA awards
  • Shall have the prerogative of carrying forward nominations to a more suitable time frame
  • Reserves the right to not present an award when a suitable selection(s) cannot be made