MGA Strategic Plan

streat plan


MGA will continue to provide quality member opportunities for continuous engagement

Guiding Principles:

  • Membership is a core value of IEEE
  • Members individually and collectively create IEEE’s future
  • IEEE enhances members' future
  • Volunteer engagement is a key component of IEEE’s success


Inspire, Enable, Empower, and Engage Members of IEEE

For the purposes of...

  • Fulfilling the mission of IEEE
  • Enhancing members’ growth and development through their member’s life cycle
  • Providing a professional community for engineers, scientists, and technologists
  • Providing a way to employ technologies to serve communities globally
  • Offering an opportunity for external individuals, organizations, and industry to engage with IEEE for the benefit of humanity

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board serves the interest of IEEE and the members through the following:

MGA Strategies

  • Strengthen the value of IEEE membership at each stage of the member’s life cycle
  • Support volunteering and facilitate member and nonmember collaboration
  • Strengthen the relevance of IEEE membership to industry
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Improve member development and services based on data
  • Enhance the relevance of information available to the member and to geographic units
  • Provide a simple, consistent, personalized interface to members and prospective members

MGA Goals

  • Increase member engagement and grow membership
  • Improve relationships with and among members
  • Enhance collaboration and cooperation with and among IEEE organizational units and external organizations
  • Support and encourage local geographic units in providing services and value to IEEE members
  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, within MGA