IEEE eNotice Service

IEEE eNotice Service

IEEE eNotice is an electronic newsletter subscription service that has been developed for IEEE organizational units to facilitate email distribution of newsletters, meeting notices, social events, and IEEE conference materials.

The source of email addresses for eNotice is the IEEE Membership Database. New members are automatically added, members who move to a new section are automatically moved, and deceased members are automatically omitted.

Each message sent through the eNotice service gives the member an opportunity to opt out of future eNotices.




  • Organizational unit creates the notice using the vTools eNotice system
  • Users submits completed request choosing Express (for immediate mailing) or Submitted (for a future date)
  • Express requires no staff intervention
  • Requesting a Reminder Date or any Special Requests requires Staff intervention.





  • Organizational unit mailings are limited to only the members of that organizational unit. Mailings to additional organizational units must be pre approved by executive officers of those organizational units.
  • To use eNotice, you must be an officer of the organizational unit to which you want to send notices.
  • Officer positions with authority to submit eNotices are Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurers, and newsletter Editors. All others require approval from the current Chair.


The tool gives the submitter the ability to draft, change and submit their enotices.   Submitter will also have the benefit of viewing how their notice will look when it is sent.

Submit an eNotice for an organizational unit using the new eNotice tool




Prior to using eNotice, conferences must complete the IEEE Conference Application and be posted on the IEEE Conference Search before requests can be processed. If approved, eNotices will be sent to members of the sponsoring IEEE OU of the conference.

Each conference is limited to six eNotices per year due to processing time and system limitations. 

In addition, please see list below for Societies that have requested restrictions on eNotices.

Submit an eNotice for a Conference




Societies with restrictions for eNotice.