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Over the last year, MGA has been working to simplify the Geographic Unit election process and is excited to announce the continuation of the Geographic Unit Election pilot. The pilot will continue for the remainder of 2023. All Sections are requested to use the automated MGA Nominations application during the pilot phase. All other units can participate by utilizing the templates found here and the shortened timeline.

The purpose of the pilot is to provide various tools and resources to Geographic Unit leaders to aid them with executing a successful election. We encourage all to participate. To participate in the pilot please click here and share your information with us, as we look forward to getting feedback throughout the process.

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The pilot is intended to:

  • Reduce the minimum time for an election to be completed from 6 months down to 3 months
  • Creation of templates that can be downloaded and customized to assist with moving through various parts of the election
  • vTools voting used for all unit elections removing in person voting
  • vTools nomination tool available for Sections to automate the election process 
  • Reduce the number of overall volunteers needed to execute the election by combining the existing nominations committee and tellers committee to create one overall “election committee”
    • To run your election with the pilot “election committee” we recommend having 3 volunteers in place to serve
  • Implements a pre-identified eligibility date communicated to all members within a unit
    • For members of the appropriate grade they must be active as of the the date the call for nominations was sent to be eligible to run in or vote within the election

MGA requests that all Section participants utilize the MGA Nominations Tool which will work with you to automate the entire election process and vTools voting which will automate your voting needs. All of your necessary communications will populate for you within the tool, and prompt you through each of the election steps. Click here to view the vTools Nominations Process Instructions. 

Access the Nominations ToolAccess vTools Voting

The MGA Nominations Tool is curently only available for Section use. All other units that cannot utilize the MGA Nominations Tool at this time can take advantage of the shortened timeline and utilize the communication templates below that can be customized to meet your election needs.

For assistance, contact

Communication and Planning Tools

Tool 1

Election Calendar Tool

Download Call for Nominations Announcement template

Call for Nominations Announcement

Download First Slate of Candidates Announcement template

First Slate of Candidates Announcement

Download Email to Section Chair to Ratify the Slate template

Email to Section Chair to Ratify the Slate

Download Single Candidate Approval Communication template

Single Candidate Approval Communication

Download End of Petition Communication template

End of Petition Communication

Download Election Outcome Communication - Candidate Selected template

Election Outcome Communication - Candidate Selected

Download Election Outcome Communication - Candidate NOT Selected template

Election Outcome Communication - Candidate NOT Selected

Download Final Election Results Announcement template

Final Election Results Announcement