Who Has Access

The following is a list of volunteer positions that have automatic access to the OU Analytics.

Access can also be given with authorization from the Chair or President

If an access denied message appears when logging in, please verify that your organizational unit has submitted current officer reporting.

  • IEEE Board of Directors
  • Region Directors
  • Region Director Elects
  • Region Past Directors
  • Region Secretaries
  • Region Treasurers
  • Region Secretary/Treasurers
  • Region MD Chairs
  • Representative, Regional YP Program
  • (Region) SAC-Representatives
  • (Region) Student Activities
  • Section/Council/Subsection Chairs
  • Section/Council/Subsection Vice Chairs
  • Section/Council/Subsection Secretaries
  • Section/Council/Subsection Treasurers
  • Section/Council/Subsection Secretary/Treasurers
  • Section/Council/Subsection MD Chairs
  • Section/Council/Subsection Student Activities Chairs
  • Chapter/Joint-Chapter Chairs
  • YP Affinity Group Chairs
  • Life Member Affinity Group Chairs
  • WIE Affinity Group Chairs
  • Student Branch Chairs
  • Student Branch Counselors
  • Division Director Elects (Division access)
  • Immediate Past Division Directors (Division access)
  • TAB SCRC (access to S/Cs being reviewed)
  • TAB Finance Chair
  • TAB Finance Past Chair
  • TAB Treasurer
  • Society/Council Presidents
  • Society/Council President Elects
  • Society/Council Past Presidents (Jr & Sr)
  • Society/Council Vice Presidents
  • Society/Council Secretaries
  • Society/Council Treasurers
  • Society/Council Secretary/Treasurers
  • Society Membership Chairs
  • Society/Council Chapter Coordinators
  • Executive Directors
  • Society Administrators
  • Technical Community Chairs
  • Technical Community Vice Chairs
  • Technical Community Newsletter Editors


  • Region - All members and affiliates whose geocode is in the Region
  • Council - All members and affiliates whose geocode is in a Council
  • Section - All members and affiliates whose geocode is in the Section
  • Subsection - All members and affiliates whose geocode is in a Subsection
  • Society - All members and affiliates of Society
  • Chapter/Joint-Chapter - All members and affiliates of one or more Sections and/or one or more Societies as designated by the parents recorded on the chapter record
  • Student Branches - All Student members attending the school of the Student Branch 

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