Meeting Reporting

Sections and Subsections are required to hold five (5) meetings each year in order to qualify for a rebate. Chapters are required to hold two (2) technical meetings each year and Affinity Groups are required to hold two (2) meetings each year.

Scheduling and reporting meetings (requires an IEEE Account)

Meeting/event activity is reported using vTools Events.

  • Scheduling and reporting meetings (requires an IEEE Account)

Meeting/event activity is reported using vTools Events.

  • Officers can schedule future events or report an event that has taken place. Scheduled events are visible in IEEE Collabratec™ and the new IEEE Event Finder mobile app available for Apple iOS and Android.
  • All meetings, including those scheduled in vTools Events, must be reported with the number of members and guests that attended. 


Meeting categories and sub-categories

Administrative: meetings of the Section/Chapter/Affinity Group Executive Committee to discuss unit administrative matters (e.g., elections, Section functions, activity planning). Sub-categories are:

  • ExCom
  • Officer Training

Professional: meetings to enhance professional development (such as continuing education, a speaker discussing the current job market, preparation of resumes, etc.). Sub-categories are:

  • Continuing Education
  • Professional Development
  • Industry Relations: meetings and activities with local industries (e.g., a tour)
  • Professional (Other)

Technical: meetings of a technical nature specific to the needs of the unit, or of interest to the members. Society Chapters must hold and report a minimum of two technical meetings annually in order to qualify for the rebate. Sub-category is not applicable.

Non-Technical: generally meetings of a professional nature. Sub-categories are:

  • Social
  • Awards Dinner
  • Pre-University Activities – Teacher–In-Service Program, a science fair
  • Non-technical (Other)

Humanitarian: Meetings to support the vision of Humanitarian Technology group. Sub-category is:

  • SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology)
  • Other

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How meetings are counted

If a Section or Chapter or affinity group meeting is reported more than once, and the date, location, type of meeting, and the number of attendees are the same, it is considered one (1) meeting, and the duplicate meeting reports are deleted from the records.

Regardless of the length of a meeting (whether 1 hour, 8 hours or longer), for reporting purposes, it is considered one (1) meeting.  There may be several speakers and topics; however, they would be considered 'sessions' of the same meeting.  To be considered separate meetings, the type of meeting, the location, and/or the number of attendees must vary.  For example: If a Unit meeting begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM, even though there are several speakers and topics, it is considered one (1) meeting.

Occasionally, Section Meetings are followed by Chapter/Affinity Group meetings or are joint meetings of one or more Subunits.  In those instances, the meetings may be reported individually by the Section(s) and Chapter/Affinity Group(s) and can be counted as a separate meeting for each of the Subunits.

If a Unit Executive Committee holds an administrative meeting, followed by a general technical or non-technical meeting, the meetings can be reported individually and will be counted as two (2) separate meetings.

Section, Chapter, and Affinity Group meetings should be held within the geographic boundaries of the Section.

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Access limitations

vTools.Meeting scheduling and meeting reporting is limited to volunteers listed in the Geographic Activities Roster.  Therefore, some volunteers may not be automatically authorized to access vTools.Meetings.  This specifically applies to Chapter Vice Chairs and Chapter Secretaries. Chairs of Joint Chapters of multiple sections may need to contact staff for complete access.

If you are unable to use vTools.Meetings. please choose one of the following options:

We apologize for this inconvenience and are proactively working to correct this.


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vTools.Meetings training

Online tutorials for vTools.Meetings
Additional vTools meetings information

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Guidelines for reporting meetings

  • Meeting reports should be submitted to IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) after each meeting is held. 
  • Report all meetings, including social events and administrative meetings.  
  • See above for reference information about the meeting, meeting categories, and how meetings are counted and Required Reporting deadlines.
  • Electronically submitted forms are sufficient for reporting requirements. 
  • E-mail a copy of your meeting report to your Section Secretary and others by using the e-mail field at the bottom of the form.
  • Once submitted via the online form, there is no need to send hard copy or resubmit the forms at the end of the year. 
  • A copy of the confirmation page can be printed and kept for your Geographic Unit's records. 

Minimum meeting requirements to earn a rebate each year are five (5) meetings for Sections and Subsections, two (2) technical meetings for Chapters, and two (2) meetings for Affinity Groups.

Multiple sessions during one day will count as one meeting.  If you feel this is not accurate for your meeting, e-mail your rationale to MGA Staff at

For Joint meetings, a form should be completed for each entity in order to count as two (2) separate meetings.

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Chapters and Affinity Groups

On the L31 Form, select first by parent Section or Council name.  For example, if you want to submit a meeting report of the Computer Society Chapter in the Queensland Section, type the letter "Q" on the "Sponsor of meeting" drop down list, and then scroll down until you find your Section and Chapter name. 

mail MGA Staff at with questions about the meeting report form.