Sample Region and Section Awards

These sample award proposals are a supplement to the Guidelines for Regions and Sections for Developing an Award Proposal

Sample Region Award

An Invitation to Nominate

The purpose of the Region Awards Program is to publicly recognize professional and technical excellence and major accomplishments and contributions made by Region (#) IEEE members.

Award Categories

  1. New Technical Concepts in Electrical Engineering.  For significant patents, for discoveries of new devices or applications, and for significant reductions in components or processes.
  2. Electrical Engineering Professionalism.  For personal, high level leadership in research and design performance in support of all phases of the electrical engineering profession.
  3. Promotion of Self-Development for Practicing Electrical Engineers.  For arranging courses, seminars, and tutorials to enhance the educational level and the competence of practicing electrical engineers.
  4. Enhancement of IEEE in Industry and Community Service.  For outstanding service to IEEE at the Chapter, Section, or Region level; and for major contributions to the industry and to the community.
  5. Electrical Engineering Management.  For managerial excellence in organization, leadership, design, and development.
  6. Electrical Engineering Student Activities.  For improving communications between IEEE and a Student Branch or Student Group; for support and service to a Student Branch or Student Group; and for service and leadership to the student community.


Each Region or Section may determine its own deadline for the submission of awards.  The award recipients will be determined at the Annual Region (#) Meeting which is normally held in the fall of each year.  The number of Region (#) Awards to be given in any calendar year shall not exceed 30 which is approximately 0.1% of the current Region (#) membership.

Eligibility and Sponsors
Only Region (#) IEEE members are eligible to receive a Region (#) Award.  Any IEEE Region (#) member, Chapter, Section, or Subsection may sponsor a nomination for a Region (#) Award.  The nomination forms can be obtained by requesting them from the Chair of the Region (#) Awards and Recognition Committee or your Section Chair.

To Nominate a Candidate:

  1. Complete and sign the Region (#) Award Nomination Form (sample - DOC, 29 KB).  If there are any questions, please contact the Chair of the Awards Committee.
  2. If additional information such as a resume is deemed advantageous to the candidate, it may accompany the nomination form.
  3. Obtain three (3) signed endorsement letters.  Send the form and the three letters to your Section Chair to forward to the Chair of the Region (#) Awards and Recognition Committee or send them directly to the Chair of the Region (#) Awards and Recognition Committee.

Administration and Presentation
All of the nominations that are received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Region (#) Awards and Recognition Committee.  All submissions must be made on the attached form.  Any submissions not using the proper form will not be reviewed and will be returned to the sponsor.

The Committee will make a determination as to which candidates should receive an award and then will submit a formal recommendation to the Region (#) Executive Committee.  This recommendation is usually made at the fall meeting of the Executive Committee following the close of the awards year.  The Executive Committee will then approve the Region (#) members who will receive awards.  The formal presentation of the awards will be made by the Region (#) Director or his designee, at an appropriate time and location, normally after the first of the awards year. 

Sample Section Award


An Invitation to Nominate


The purpose of the (xyz) Section Award is to honor an IEEE (xyz) Section member who has made contributions of exceptional distinction that are a model for other members to emulate.

The award shall be administered by the IEEE (xyz) Section Executive Committee (ExCom). The IEEE (xyz) Section Awards Chair (normally the immediate past Chair) shall be responsible for administrative matters not requiring an ExCom vote and for ensuring that the terms of this proposal are observed.  Final approval of the award recipient will reside with the IEEE (xyz) Section ExCom.

Any IEEE (xyz) Section member of good standing and of Member grade or above, is eligible for the (Name of Award).

The prize shall be (certificate, plaque) and a check (if applicable) in the amount of US$xxx, payable to the recipient.  It is expected that the award will normally be presented at the (annual meeting).  The annual prize is not to exceed US$500.

The award shall be funded from the IEEE (xyz) Section budget.  A separate checking account can be maintained exclusively for the award funds.  In the event this award is permanently terminated, all residual funds in the awards account shall revert to the general fund of the IEEE (xyz) Section or other disposition determined by the IEEE (xyz) Section ExCom.

Candidate Solicitation
Candidates shall be solicited through the Section newsletter or other appropriate means as determined by the (xyz) Section ExCom.

Award Committee
The Award Committee shall be selected through the ExCom and shall have full responsibility for evaluation and selection of the recipient.  The nominee shall be subject to final approval by the IEEE (xyz) Section ExCom.  In the event the nominee is not approved by the ExCom or is unable to accept the award for any reason, an alternate recipient should be selected.  The alternate shall also be subject to IEEE (xyz) Section ExCom approval.

Each Section may determine its own schedule.

It is expected that primary consideration will be given to contributions which have been visible, definable, significant, sustained, and include service to the Section, industry, profession, or the community.

The award shall be presented by the Section Chair or his designee at an appropriate Section meeting.  The award shall be presented in the name of the IEEE (xyz) Section.

The award recipient shall be publicized in the (name) newsletter of the IEEE (xyz) Section. A press release shall be sent to the appropriate newspaper(s) of the recipient's choice. 

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