MGA Scoop - March 2024

MGA Scoop

March 2024

Upcoming Events

poster with photos of 5 people 'strategies to nurture talents of women'
    • Panel Discussion: Strategies to Nurture Talents of Women and Men to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

      8 March | 10 AM ET
      Discuss strategies to leverage the talents of both men and women to promote diversity and inclusion and for the advocacy of diversity initiatives further.

poster of woman 'working in academica as an int'l woman
    • Working in Academia as an International Woman

      28 March | 11 AM ET
      Examining the landscape of academia through a gendered lens, highlighting statistical trends, disparities in representation, and the impact of cultural diversity on women’s academic journeys; emphasizing the unique strengths and perspectives that international women bring to academia.

manga cartoon character, WIE submit your stories
    • IEEE WIE 2024 Manga Story Contest - Submit Your Stories

      Deadline 3 May
      The aim of the contest is to encourage the younger generation, particularly girls, to consider a career in STEM and work towards it. The story can be either fiction or non-fiction.

blue poster for IEEE world forum on public safety tech
  • Register for the IEEE World Forum on Public Safety Technology (WF-PST)

    14-15 May
    Public Safety is a key imperative that affects all of us, especially seen last year from the wildfires in Canada that generated significant smoke and impacted air quality across the United States, to natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Turkey.

    Public Safety per se is not considered a technology, yet it encompasses all the various technologies that can and do contribute to public safety needs, ranging from, but not limited to communications and networking, edge and cloud computing, IoT, blockchain, AI, and machine learning, intelligent data, and augmented and virtual reality.

    The IEEE World Forum on Public Safety Technology, (WF-PST) taking place 14-15 May, outside of Washington, D.C., aims to convene the extensive public safety needs with existing and developing technologies designed to help public safety personnel be more effective in their work and support sustained health and wellness.
    Save Your Seat!

2024 Call for Nominations – Friend of MGA Awards

The Friend of MGA awards are designed to recognize support provided to IEEE and its members by firms, divisions of firms, or individuals (non-IEEE members). Nominators can submit nominations for individuals or organizations for a Friend Award at the supporting or sustaining level.

Nominations for this award can be submitted at any time during the year.

To learn more about the Friend of IEEE MGA Awards: CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE: to submit a nomination for Friend of MGA Award.

For questions about MGA Awards Program, contact:

Call for Nominations – 2024 MGA Outstanding Section Awards

Each year, the MGA Outstanding Section Awards are presented to one large, one medium, and one small Section (across all Regions), to recognize their excellent work and successful efforts in fulfilling the educational and scientific goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public. The recipient Sections are acknowledged for maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the Student Branches, Technical Chapters, and Affinity Groups within their geographic boundaries.

Three awards are presented as follows:

  • Large Section = 1,501 or more members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year.
  • Medium Section = 501-1,500 members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year.
  • Small Section = 500 or fewer members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year.

CLICK HERE: to nominate your Section for the MGA Outstanding Large, Medium, or Small Section Award.


For Tips on Writing Successful Nominations: CLICK HERE

MGA Geo Units Required Reporting Reminder and Annual Rebates Info

The 2024 IEEE Geographic Unit Rebates process will begin in the coming months, and MGA will soon start collecting information filed by each geographic unit. In order to qualify for the annual MGA dues rebate, units are required to submit the required reporting by their respective deadlines:

  • Annual financial report by 28 February
  • Annual officer report by 15 March
  • Meeting reports by 15 March

To file meeting reports for your unit’s 2023 events, go to: vTools Events.

To review and update your unit’s officer roster, please go to vTools Officer Reporting. Please note, if you have recently submitted an officer reporting change, it may still be pending. To avoid processing delays, please refrain from submitting multiple reports.

As a friendly reminder, minimum event requirements and activity bonus qualifications are as follows:

small grid of rebate data

Click the link below for more information about the Geographic Unit reporting requirements and rebates.

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Upskill Your Team with the IEEE Professional Development Suite

upskill your team, picture of woman in blazer

Companies providing the skills and knowledge needed to effectively guide and inspire their teams, drive innovation, and make informed decisions will stay ahead of the curve. Stay up to date on technical topics and hone your managerial skills with IEEE's collection of specialized training programs developed for technical teams with options to suit the needs of any organization and professionals at any stage of their career.

Special discounts for IEEE Members!

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IEEE Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report

diversity reports

Learn about the progress of the IEEE Diversity & Inclusion Committee, resources available to the IEEE community, and the various initiatives across IEEE that impact diversity, equity, and inclusion. This report is available to IEEE volunteers and professional staff only.

Download the Report

Access Cutting-Edge Research from IEEE

blue poster 'IEEE member digital library'

The IEEE Member Digital Library brings IEEE members exclusive, instant access to IEEE journals, magazines, transactions, letters, and conference proceedings through a monthly subscription. Access the information you need from the full range of IEEE publications with a monthly subscription to the IEEE Member Digital Library.


IEEE Spectrum Stories

This Lockheed Martin Researcher’s Work on UAVs Saves Lives

The aircrafts IEEE Fellow Kingsley Fregene helped develop are used for military and disaster-recovery missions.

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Ham Radio Inspired This Scranton University Student to Pursue Engineering

Amateur radio has been Gerard Piccini's hobby since the IEEE student member was young.

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A How-To Guide on Acquiring AI Systems

The IEEE standard helps government agencies strengthen their purchasing requirements.

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IEEE Public Visibility 2024 Industry and Innovation and Infrastructure Impact Theme: Bits, Bytes, Buildings and Bridges: Data-Driven Infrastructure

lit up bridge poster

IEEE Transmitter has published a collection of articles discussing how data is revolutionizing global infrastructure and creating smarter, more sustainable systems.

Learn what IEEE Impact Creators say about how digital technologies are evolving to make safer roads, resilient electric grids, smarter manufacturing, and more on:

IEEE Transmitter

Project Funding from IEEE Tech4Good, Powered by the IEEE Humanitarian Technologies Board

complex graphic of IEEE TEK4 GOOD

The IEEE Humanitarian Technologies Board (HTB) inspires and empowers IEEE volunteers around the world carrying out and supporting impactful humanitarian technology activities at the local level. Its IEEE Tech4Good program offers funding opportunities to support grassroots technological projects, led by IEEE members, that address local challenges related to sustainable development.

Applications may be submitted using the Online Funding Opportunities Portal starting 29 February 2024 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage applicants to submit their proposals as soon as they can.

Final deadline to submit: 31 March 2024

Those interested should visit the HTB website to see the technology impact categories, funding specifications, application questions, evaluation criteria, and Call for Proposals.

For any questions about the suitability of your proposal, please write to:

IEEE New Initiatives Program is looking for Bright Ideas!

blue banner of big ideas lead to brilliant solutions

The IEEE New Initiatives Program helps bring great ideas to light. If you have an idea for a particular program, product, or service offering that can make a significant impact on IEEE members, the public, or a technical community, please share your vision with the IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC). The New Initiatives program can provide seed funding or higher levels of funding for innovative ideas.

NIC is excited to offer a new funding opportunity for 2024, Innovation Seed Grants. This opportunity is for high-impact projects requesting up to US $100K! The program is for projects that take 12 months or less to complete and may be a precursor to a full New Initiative.

In addition to the new funding offering, NIC continues to offer these funding opportunities:

Seed Grants for projects requesting up to US $40,000 for new or pilot projects that typically last 12 months of less.

New Initiatives Grants for large projects with higher funding requests that typically take up to 3 years to complete.

IEEE members, volunteers, and staff are encouraged to submit their ideas through their IEEE Organizational Units (OUs). NIC strongly encourages IEEE OUs to cooperate with each other on submissions.

There are no submission deadlines.

Please visit the New Initiatives program webpage to learn more and submit your idea today.

The IEEE Publication Services & Products Board Nominations & Appointments (PSPB N&A) Committee is accepting nominations for the following positions:

Three (3) PSPB Member-At-Large (MAL) positions to serve from 1 January 2025 through 31 December 2027. PSPB MAL nominations are due by 15 April 2024.

MAL Positions

2025-2026 Chair, TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee (PSC). PSC Chair nominations are due by 15 March 2024.

PSC Chair Nominations

The IEEE Nominations & Appointments (IEEE N&A) Committee is accepting nominations for the following position:

2025 Vice President, Publication Services and Products/PSPB Chair to serve from 1 January 2025 through 31 December 2025. Pubs VP/PSPB Chair nominations (i.e., self-nominations or nomination of a colleague) are due by 15 March 2024.

VP Pub Services

*The PSPB N&A Committee encourages nomination of, and applications from, candidates from groups who may have been underrepresented on PSPB over time, regarding, e.g., gender, IEEE Region, etc.*

Advanced Topics in Wireless Course Series Offered in April & May

advanced topics in wireless purple and white poster

A live, online course series focusing on 5G NR, MTC, and Open RAN that is designed for engineers and technical professionals who want to enhance their knowledge on advanced topics in Wireless will be offered in April and May. Participants taking the three courses in this Advanced Topics in Wireless series will develop a comprehensive view on the 5G/NR technology, a profound understanding of the implementation aspects of all the ITU-specified use case categories, i.e. enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), mIoT and URLLC, and a robust foundation on the network architecture evolution technology enablers towards fully open radio access networks.

Complete all three courses in the series to earn a digital badge!

Learn more about this course series.

Register for all three courses in the series at once and save 15% with promo code ATW2024.

The Virtual Speakers Bureau (VSB) for IEEE Student Branches

icon of old microphone, virtual speakers bureau

The VSB, a program of the IEEE MGA Student Activities Committee, allows IEEE Student Branches to select from nearly 600 different technical or professional topics and have an experienced speaker deliver a live, virtual talk directly to their Student Branch at the date and time of their choosing, free of charge! Click on the button to learn more and select your topics today.

Those who are interested in being speakers can also apply at this link.

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Get Funding for Your IEEE Student Branch’s Event Through the SPAx Program

SPAx icon

SPAx, a program of the IEEE MGA Student Activities Committee, provides funding to support events planned and hosted by IEEE Student Branches around the world. Be sure that your event promotes professional awareness to your attendees, and it can qualify to receive funding. Click the button to learn more and apply.

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Subscribe to the IEEE Educational Activities Newsletter

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Want to stay updated on IEEE educational offerings including webinars, courses, new initiatives, and more? Sign up for the IEEE Educational Activities monthly newsletter with our latest information.


Engineering the Privacy Paradox on AI - Upcoming Free LinkedIn Live Webinar

the privacy paradox of AI

Join us at an upcoming free webinar "Engineering the Privacy Paradox on AI" on 19 March at 12pm ET! You won't want to miss our esteemed panelists delve into the realm of Privacy-Driven Engineering and discuss the challenges, strategies, and ethical considerations to ensure a balanced and responsible integration of AI and cybersecurity. Learn how organizations can proactively design and implement privacy-centric practices within their engineering processes while respecting expectations that individuals may have regarding their privacy. Register today.

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Coming Soon: Apply to be a STEM Champion

IEEE stem champion

Are you an IEEE Volunteer conducting STEM outreach programs for pre-university students and/or teachers in your local community on behalf of IEEE? Would you like to help inspire other volunteers to get involved in STEM outreach? Then, we want to hear from you. We are looking to add to our STEM Champion team. All active IEEE Members are invited to apply.

The application window opens on 18 March.

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Announcing the 2024 STEM Grant Recipients

IEEE stem grant

The IEEE Pre-University STEM Grant Program is pleased to announce the 2024 grant recipients. The grant funding is for the implementation of IEEE pre-university STEM outreach programs and events at the local level. Together we are empowering the next generation of technology innovators.

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Offer Digital Badges to Conference Attendees and Increase your ROI


The number of IEEE digital badges awarded has increased 167% over the past year! Many young professionals are looking to earn digital badges that they can then share on social media platforms and digital resumes. Digital badges appeal to attendees because they show employers you have learned a new skill set or attended an important industry event. IEEE digital badges can link to the event or conferences to increase ROI.

To learn more about how you can add value to your conference, please contact us at:

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EPICS in IEEE - Space and Agriculture Robotics (ROKIT) Student Project


Check out the Space and Agriculture Robotics (ROKIT), a groundbreaking EPICS in IEEE project from the students of Universidad del Cauca in Colombia, involved in developing educational robotics kits specializing in agriculture for the Colombian community.

Watch to see their project launched in the local community:

Video Link

Call for Service-Learning Projects that Benefit Humanity

EPICS in IEEE, people working on electronics

EPICS in IEEE is announcing our May 1st Call for Proposal deadline. Students, faculty, and professionals have the opportunity to address the technological needs of communities through service-learning projects. EPICS in IEEE has partnered with the Industry Application Society (IAS) to support service-learning projects that align with the mission and vision of IAS. Projects should include the design, development, and application of safe, sustainable, reliable, smart electrical systems, equipment and services.

Learn more about application requirements.

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EPICS in IEEE Upcoming Virtual Event on 16 April 2024


Join EPICS in IEEE for an engaging panel about the EPICS in IEEE experience from past project leaders! Students and faculty members from past EPICS in IEEE projects will share what they have learned from proposal to deployment, and best practices to ensure project success. Led by Leah Jamieson, past 2007 IEEE President and co-founder of EPICS at Purdue University, this panel will include suggestions on how to ensure team members are learning professional skills necessary for their careers while successfully impacting the community.

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Master the Skills Shaping the Workforce

learning network logo

From artificial intelligence to cyber security to blockchain, the IEEE Learning Network offers the educational content you need to stay current in the digital revolution. Enroll now!

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The Importance of Configuration Management for Enterprise IT Systems


Configuration management is a practice that helps identify changes to enterprise IT systems over time to ensure that all systems are working properly, meeting performance expectations, and complying with governance and regulatory policies. Companies establish configuration management systems by considering how their software will evolve and be utilized over time. When instituted proactively, organizations can accrue many benefits from these automated tools. Learn how to stay protected today.

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Celebrating Brilliant Minds and a Bright Future: IEEE EAB Awards

call for awards in a red and gold medallion

IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards recognize and honor major contributions to engineering and technical education. Awards are given for meritorious activities in accreditation, continuing education, educational innovation, pre-university education, service to the IEEE EAB, employee professional development, informal education systems, and related achievements that advance the practice of engineering and of engineering education. The Section Professional Development Award recognizes an IEEE Section for major contributions to the professional development of its members through the provision of outstanding products, services, and support in the areas of life-long learning, continuing education, and professional development. Award nominations are now being accepted.

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IEEE Education Week is Coming: Add Your Educational Events and Resources

education week poster green, blue, and white

IEEE Education Week is taking place from 14-20 April 2024! Join for a week of educational fun as we highlight programs and resources for students, educators, and technical professionals on their journey of lifelong learning. You can also submit your events to our website! We love seeing the site populated with the amazing educational events, resources, and promotions. All you have to do is go to the 'Submit' tab at the top of the page to send us your information. Learn more.

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Get a Jumpstart on Earning Your Credentials with this Special eLearning Discount

education week poster, green and white

Start celebrating IEEE Education Week early with our special promotion on select eLearning courses. From now until 30 April 2024 you can purchase some of our newest online courses on the IEEE Learning Network for USD $10 each with the code ILNIEW24. Check out the discounted courses and gain new skills today.

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Register for IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute 2024

calling all future innovators, picture of two young people

Do you know a teen exploring engineering as a potential career path? Help them explore their choices before they’ve committed to a particular university or major with an experience this summer with the IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute. Students get the opportunity to learn more about engineering fields such as electrical, computer, civil, mechanical, and aerospace without the pressure of needing to make a commitment to one particular discipline yet. Friends and family of IEEE Members save US$100 on registration.

Learn more about our 2024 college locations:

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IEEE-HKN's The Bridge Magazine - New Issue

cover of the bridge magazine, story is the newspace frontier

A new issue of The Bridge is here! Check out the HKN 2023 Year in Review and our feature articles on the New Space Frontier.

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Resources for Volunteers

  • Webex Event User Guide available here

  • Interested in using Google Meet? Send us an email at:

  • IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)
    Find volunteer training and resources in the IEEE CLE.

  • IEEE Learning Network
    The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) gives members easy access to online learning content from across IEEE, all in one place. Browse hundreds of courses on core and emerging technologies, leadership skills, and more.

  • Additional IEEE Virtual Events Resources
    The following IEEE resources can also be useful for organizers looking to virtualize their events: