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A visual business intelligence tool for volunteer access to member data

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Use of IEEE OU Analytics must be in accordance with the IEEE 
Data Access and Use Policy.

Important Announcement:

OU Analytics will be unavailable on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 from approximately 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (EST) for a security certificate update.

Also, a reminder that the Annual Service Deactivation took place on Saturday, February 22, 2020.  Members who have not paid their current year's dues are changed to an IEEE membership status of "arrears," and members who were previously in arrears are changed to "inactive."


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New Features

The "Volunteer Positions" Dashboard has a new enhancement.
       ·        Volunteer History is now a separate tab and no longer a link.
       ·        Additional filters have been created for "Region" and "Section" on all tabs.
      o   Use the “OU Type” filter to select the type (Section for example).   Then use the Region filter to select the Region
                 you wish to view.   This will narrow down the  available list in the Section filter.
       ·        When using the Region Filter, if you wish to also view the Vacant Positions, you must select “Vacant” in the dropdown list. 
             If you do not use the Region Filter, then Vacant Positions will automatically be selected.

11/13/19:  A new tab has been added to the Members and Affiliates Dashboard: "Geographc Counts"  This view allows you to obtan counts of members sorting by Zip. City, State or Country.  Filters include Grade selections.  Use the tool tip by hovering over the counts to see City Total.  Click on a specific count in the totals column to automatically bring you into the Detals Tab to view those specific members.

8/30/19:  A new tab has been added to the Maps Dashboard: "Potential Student Branch Opportunities"  This view identifies Schools with a minimum of 12 eligible attending students for potential Student Branch formation.

4/24/19:  A new tab has been added to “Members and Affiliates” Dashboard titled “Employer Information.”   Using this new tab, you can filter by “Region”,  “Section”, “Member” or “Employer Name.”   Download results provide Member information along with Employer Name, Line of Business, Job Function, Employer Type and more.   

4/24/19:  The "Contiguous Flag". has been added to the Members and Affiliates, Students and Volunteer Positions Dashboard detail downloads.

4/24/19:  Student Branch Name, Student Branch ID, Region, Section, School Name, School ID and count of members have been added to the download in the Student Branch Summary Tab of the MAP module

4/2/19:  The new “Membership and Subscriptions Monthly Statistics” is now available.  The link is located at the bottom of the IEEE OU Analytics Landing Page.   
View statistics by IEEE Membership, “Society, TC & SIG Statistics” or  “Subscription Statistics”.

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Annual Service Deactivation

The annual service deactivation is run each February. Members who have not paid their current year's dues are changed to an IEEE membership status of "arrears," and members who were previously in arrears are changed to "inactive."

The definitions of the IEEE membership status levels are:

  • AR: member has not renewed for the current membership year (2020)
  • IN: member has not renewed since the previous membership year (2019 or prior)
  • RS: member has informed IEEE that he or she wished to discontinue membership
  • NA: different reasons for NA. Most of these records were never members. They may have some non-member volunteer experience. Most of these records are not available in OU Analytics.



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