IEEE OU Analytics

IEEE OU Analytics, a new visual business intelligence tool for volunteer access to member data.


NEW!The “Membership and Subscriptions Monthly Statistics” is now open to Volunteers.   Go to the IEEE OU Analytics Landing Page.   On the bottom of the page is a link to the new Statistics using Tableau Dashboards.    When you open the link you will have the option of the “IEEE Membership Statistics”, the “Society, TC & SIG Statistics” and the “Subscription Statistics”.    For Geographic Unit Membership information select the “IEEE Membership Statistics”.  Select “Membership Summary” for the beginning of the Dashboard.  


On-going Issue:   When using the Membership, Subscriptions and More Dashboard, the Details tab for the volunteers OU Analytics dashboard is defaulting to the Product Name: AESS.  Users who are "not" AESS volunteers cannot see these preselected filters and therefore cannot change them to get their data.   This only occurs if you click directly on the Details Tab.     If you make your selections on any of the other tabs and then use the Tool Tips to "Keep Only" and then "View Detail"  you will then be able to view your member detail.   Staff is working to correct the issue asap.

2019 Annual Service Deactivation completed 2/25/2019.   Additional information regarding this process can be found below.



Note:  SAMIEEE has been sunset as of  30 May 2018

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The annual service deactivation is run each February. Members who have not paid their current year's dues are changed to an IEEE membership status of "arrears," and members who were previously in arrears are changed to "inactive."

The definitions of the IEEE membership status levels are:

  • AR: member has not renewed for the current membership year (2018)
  • IN: member has not renewed since the previous membership year (2017 or prior)
  • RS: member has informed IEEE that he or she wished to discontinue membership
  • NA: different reasons for NA. Most of these records were never members. They may have some non-member volunteer experience. Most of these records are not available in SAMIEEE