2017 recommendations

Top Three SC2017 recommendations

2. Develop an incentive program for corporations to join IEEE as 'Corporate Member'.

5. Develop (or expand existing) training programs and/or create partnerships with external organizations to allow members to provide  STEM activities to pre-college students. Provide 'canned' or 'in a box' style demonstrations and presentations that local Sections can deliver to pre-college students. Re-evaluate a 'Junior IEEE' membership program targeted at pre-college students.

16. Strengthen and recognize Industry/Academia/Government Collaboration/Partnerships

  • Create a Section Award for Industry/Academia/Volunteer collaboration
  • Organize multidisciplinary Industry/Academia/Government events focused on 'hot' issues
  • Develop a public communications platform to develop projects and share results

Create a 'dating' platform to communicate industry issues searching for solutions and possible 'applications' of research results.