Financial Reporting

As of April 30, 2021, NetSuite is no longer available. NetSuite 2020 and prior data is available upon request. Please contact the MGA Finance Team at with any requests for data or questions you may have.

IEEE geographic units must annually report their financial status (using the financial online reporting tool, NextGen), covering the period of 1 January–31 December.
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Compliance reporting

All annual compliance documents should be submitted via the MGA Compliance Documents portal. Your IEEE Account and password are required.  Please contact the IEEE Business Finance Solutions team at with questions or concerns.
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Submittal instructions

Access the NextGen Applications through the Volunteer Experience Dashboard via

Chairs, Treasurers, and Secretary/Treasurers have been granted access to the NextGen Volunteer Dashboard. Access to the application tiles is specific based on the role/position of the volunteer. The NextGen Volunteer Dashboard can be accessed via Single Sign-on at IEEE NextGen Website:

 Please note that all year-end bank statements for local bank accounts (Non-IEEE Concentration Banking accounts) must be submitted via the MGA Compliance Documents portal.  If you have any questions or need further information please contact the IEEE Business Finance Solutions team at

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Deadlines and bonuses

Geographic unit Treasurers are responsible for recording the financial activity of their unit and any subunits (Subsections, Chapters, and/or Affinity Groups) using NextGen. In order to be eligible for the 10% rebate bonus, this information must be in the system no later than 17 February 2023.  

Units submitting financial reports later than 28 February 2023 will not receive rebate payment for 2022 activity.  

If the Section or Council is unable to obtain financial records from a subunit, it may opt to submit a statement that the subunit has failed to submit a timely financial report and waive its right to a rebate for that particular subunit. Delinquent subunits may be subject to probation or even dissolution.

If all reports are submitted by the February deadline, your unit will earn an additional 10% bonus to the total rebate. However, if the information submitted is not complete or contains errors, and if corrections are not submitted within 60 days of a written request, the 10% bonus will be forfeited. The written request, provided by IEEE, will clearly state what action is expected, the date by which it must be submitted, and the consequence if not submitted.

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Chapters/Affinity Groups
For subunits that report consolidated financials with the Section, income and expense information and year-end bank statements (if applicable) should be submitted to your Section's Treasurer as soon as possible.
E-mail questions for IEEE Finance staff to