IEEE Technical Chapters

Society/Technical Council Chapters are your local link to the valuable resources available from IEEE and the 39 IEEE Technical Societies.

IEEE Society/Technical Council Chapters—the local branch of your Society or Technical Council.


  • Chapters are a technical subunit of a Region, one or more Sections or a Geographic Council.
  • There may be single Society Chapters, joint Society Chapters, and Technical Council Chapters.
  • A Chapter shall comprise a minimum of twelve (12) IEEE voting members of a Society, or group of Societies in the case of a joint chapter, and shall be established by petition to the parent geographical and technical organizational units concerned to fulfill the mission of IEEE.
  • In the case of a Technical Council Chapter, a minimum of any twelve (12) IEEE voting members of Council Member Societies in the parent geographical unit shall be required to petition to the geographic unit and to the Technical Council.
  • Chapters are formed to serve IEEE members by holding meetings at the local level, and provide opportunities to network, enabling personal and professional growth.

Additional information about Student Branch Chapters is available.

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Existing Chapters

 Find out if there is a local Chapter within your geographic unit

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IEEE Society/Technical Council Chapter Coordinator Roster

The IEEE Society/Technical Council Chapter Coordinator Roster lists contact information for each Society's/Technical Council's chapter coordinators.

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How to create a new IEEE Chapter (online petition process)

There are three different paths one can take to develop an IEEE Chapter: form a new Chapter, form a new joint Chapter, or expand an existing Chapter. Start by researching your area, then decide which route will best suit your needs and support a healthy, active Society/Technical Council Chapter environment.

Learn more about creating a Chapter

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Chapter Volunteer Officers Onboarding Plan


Email 1: Welcome - Congratulations on your election!


Email 2: Get to know your position


Email 3: Ensure your chapter's vitality: learn how to submit required reports


Email 4: Learn about the tools and resources for hosting a meeting (Cisco Webex, eNotice...)


Email 5: Engage your Chapter with Industry, Distinguished Lecturer Program, and more

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Required reporting (Meetings and Officers via vTools)

In order to maintain viability and to ensure that all Chapters are meeting the needs of their members, each Chapter is required to submit annual reports.

Online L-31 Form

If you have not yet used the online L-31 form, you should start now. File your meeting reports online in only minutes using the new system. You can send copies of the report to your Section and Society using a CC feature, and IEEE will receive your data instantly. Visit the IEEE vTools Meeting System page for more information.

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Geographic Unit Rebate Schedule (Applies to Sections, Sub-Sections, and Chapters)

The Rebate Schedule is available in Section 9.0.E of the MGA Operations Manual. Additional information can also be found on the Required Reporting web page.

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IEEE Society Chapter Funding Guide

The IEEE Society Chapter Funding Guide contains links to each Society's Chapter funding information online.

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IEEE Society Chapter Funding Information Forms

The applicable IEEE Society Chapter Funding Information Forms can be used to request Society or Council Chapter funding. All requests must be submitted directly to the Society or Council officer/administrator who is responsible for chapter support. The Society/Council will then initiate the payment process if approved.

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Access your membership data online using OU Analytics

IEEE OU Analytics, is a web-based tool which delivers essential metrics on memberships and subscriptions to OUs, including Societies, Councils, Chapters, etc. Volunteers in respective OUs have automatic access to their OU's data (e.g. Chapter officers have access to their chapter’s membership data.)

The landing page provides to various dashboards which contain filters to refine by OU, Region, Section, Grade, and Gender. Counts can link directly to respective member contact details. The capability to search for one member within the member details listing is also available.

The OU Analytics Geo Map provides geographic displays and interactive dashboard views of IEEE organization units, including Chapters. The map also provides membership density to identify potential society chapters and student branches globally.

Data is updated daily. Data and images can be downloaded using various formats. You will need your IEEE Account information to access. Training materials are available at

For more information on how to use OU Analytics, please email or

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OU Analytics - Screenshots & Instructions

View detailed instructions to obtain membership data and reporting needs.

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IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program

IEEE Distinguished Lecturers are engineering professionals who help lead their fields in new technical developments that shape the global community. These experts:

  • Specialize in the field of interest of their Society/Council
  • Travel to various technical and regional groups to lecture at events

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IEEE Annual Processes

Annual Renewal: The annual IEEE membership renewal begins on 16 August allowing members to renew for the membership year 1 January through 31 December. Members are encouraged to renew early each year online. The IEEE membership catalog offers an interactive catalog to browse and explore the memberships and products to explore. A PDF version (Adobe Reader is needed to view) of the Membership Catalog is also available to download. Chapters can check on the status of their membership renewals using OU Analytics.

Annual Service Deactivation: All members who did not renew by the end of the following membership year by 31 December have a two-month grace period in which to renew without losing access to their benefits. At the end of February, that grace period ends, and any member who has not yet renewed will have their benefits and services deactivated. Multiple communications are sent out to alert these members, and Sections and Chapters are also encouraged to outreach to their members.

Annual Student Elevation: The IEEE Student Elevation is handled twice a year, in June and August. Once an IEEE Student Member or Graduate Student Member reaches his or her graduation data (based on information provided by the student), IEEE elevates them to the next grade of IEEE membership for which they qualify. The first elevation in June (for StM or GSM with graduation dates between 1 January and 30 June). The second elevation is completed on August 16 (for StM or GSM with graduation dates between July 1 and 31 December) During these elevation months, you will see changes in counts of your chapter members in monthly statistical reports and OU Analytics. Note that IEEE supports recent graduates by providing a 50% discount off IEEE dues the first year after graduation. The “recent graduate” discount is only available once in a lifetime. For additional information on the student elevation program, please contact

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More resources for chapter volunteers

The IEEE has resources to help you run your Chapter and get the most from your Membership. Below, find links to some useful resources within the IEEE Web site.

vTools Electronic Tools for IEEE Volunteers
IEEE Entity Web Hosting Post your Chapter web page free on IEEE's server; includes 24-hour hosting and technical help
IEEE Young Professionals Help your younger members become active in the community
Member and Geographic Activities Information on IEEE Regions, Sections, and membership development
IEEE Xplore Full-text access to IEEE transactions, journals, magazines, and conference proceedings published since 1988 and all current IEEE standards


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