IEEE Society/Technical Council Chapter Coordinators

This page contains contact information for each Society or Technical Council's (S/C) contact(s) for Chapter activities and support.

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Society/Technical CouncilNameE-mail
IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society Lorenzo Lo Monte, Chapter Chair Coordinator
IEEE Antennas & Propagation Society Ajay K. Poddar, Chapter Activities Chair
IEEE Biometrics Council Massimo Tistarelli, Chapter Coordinator
IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Jennifer Barbato, Program Specialist (Staff)
Jim Stenberg, Chapter Development Chair
IEEE Circuits & Systems Society Kea-Tiong (Samuel) Tang, Vice President - Regional and Membership Activities
IEEE Communications Society Cindy Tiritilli, Senior Membership and Program Manager (Staff)
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Guilherme DeSouza, Chapters Committee Chair
IEEE Computer Society Tony Maglaqui, Member & Geographic Activities Specialist (Staff)
Kwabena Boateng, Vice-President, Member and Geographic Activities
David Bondurant, Chair, Geographic Activities Committee
Katherine August, Regions 1 & 2 Coordinator
Al Shpuntoff, Regions 3 & 4 Coordinator
Chris Gunning, Regions 5 & 6 Coordinator
Fares Esmail Ali Al-Saafani, Region 7 Coordinator
Islam Tharwat Abdel Halim, Region 8 Coordinator
Roberto Moreno, Region 9 Coordinator
Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim, Region 10 Coordinator
IEEE Consumer Technology Society Charlotte Kobert, Society Administrator (Staff)
Jong-Moon Chung, Vice President of Membership
Wen-Chung Kao, President
IEEE Control Systems Society Guoqiang Hu, Chapter Activities Chair
IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation Deming Chen, Vice President, Activities
IEEE Council on RFID Riccardo Colella, Vice President, Member Services
IEEE Council on Superconductivity Colleen Brick, Operations Manager
IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society Jun Guo, Membership/Chapters Adhoc Co-Chair, Regions 1-7 & 9
Thomas Andritsch, Membership/Chapters Adhoc Co-Chair, Region 8
Feipeng Wang, Membership/Chapters Adhoc Co-Chair, Region 10
IEEE Education Society Kai Pan Mark, Chapters Committee Chair
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Giordano Spadacini, Chapter Coordinator
IEEE Electron Devices Society Laura Riello, Operations Manager (Staff)
Stacy Lehotzky, Committee Administrator (Staff)
IEEE Electronics Packaging Society Toni Mattila, Chapter Programs
Denise Manning, Executive Director (Staff)
IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society

Liang Zhong, Chapter Development
IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society Tianlin Wang
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Antonio Luque, Vice President for Membership Activities
Kim Fung Tsang, Chapter Support
Gabor Sziebig, Chapter Support
IEEE Industry Applications Society Srikanth Vasudevan Pillai, Chapters and Membership Development Department (CMD) Chair
Richárd Cselkó, Chapters and Membership Development Department (CMD) Chair
Jiangbiao He, Chapters Area Chair, Region 1
Vacant, Chapters Area Chair, Region 2
Osama A. Mohammed, Chapters Area Chair, Region 3
David Mindham, Chapters Area Chair, Region 4

James J. Mercier, Chapters Area Chair, Region 5
Vahid Salehi Pour Mehr, Chapters Area Chair, Region 6
Vacant, Chapters Area Chair, Region 7
Giuseppe Parise, Chapters Area Chair, Region 8
José Duran, Chapters Area Chair, Region 9
Akshay Kumar Rathore, Chapters Area Chair, Region 10 - Southeast Asia, Australia and Pacific
Rajesh Kumar Pindoriya, Chapters Area Chair, Region 10 - East and South Asia
Abla Hariri, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Regions 1-6
Nikhil Valsan, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Region 7
Habib M. Kammoun, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Region 8 - Europe and Africa
Sameh Ezzat Betamony, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Region 8 - Middle East
Caio Ruviaro Dantas Osório, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Region 9 - Latin America
You Zhou, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Region 10 - East Asia
Arif Ahmed, Student Branch Chapter Area Chair, Region 10 - South and Southeast Asia, Australia, and Pacific
IEEE Information Theory Society Aaron B. Wagner, Membership Development
IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Octavian Postolache, Chapter Chair Liaison
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Petros Ioannou, Vice President, Member Activities
IEEE Magnetics Society Hans Toya Nembach, Chapters
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Erin Kiley, Region 1

Gurunathan Subramanyam, Region 2
Kenle Chen, Region 3
Sayan Roy, Region 4
Ifana Mahbub, Region 5
Chad Kidder, Region 6
Thomas Jones, Region 7
Sara Barros, Region 8
Luciano Tarricone, Region 8
Jose E. Rayas-Sanchez, Region 9
Glauco Fontgalland, Region 9
Wenhua Chen, Region 10 - China/Singapore
Chinmoy Saha, Region 10 - India
Shinohara Naoki, Region 10 - Other
IEEE Nanotechnology Council Lan Fu, Chapters and Regional Activities Committee Chair
Vasuda Bhatia, Chapter Coordinator, Regions 1-7
Attila Bonyar, Chapter Coordinator, Region 8
Murilo Romero, Chapter Coordinator, Region 9
Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Chapter Coordinator, Region 10 - India
Li Tao, Chapter Coordinator, Region 10 - Other
IEEE Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society Steven H. Gold, Chapter Activities
IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

Maurizio Migliaccio, Chapter Coordinator

IEEE Photonics Society Kithinji Muriungi, Associated Vice President, Chapter Relations
Lauren Mecum-Smith, Senior Manager, Strategic Programs (Staff)
Lisa Sandt, Membership and Chapter Administrator (Staff)
IEEE Power Electronics Society Mark Dehong Xu, Vice President, Membership
Brian Zahnstecher, North America Regional Chair, Regions 1-3
Kalyan Sen, North America Regional Chair, Regions 4-6
Ali Nabavi, North America Regional Chair, Region 7
Drazen Dujic, Europe & Africa Regional Chair, Region 8
    Tao Yang, Regional Vice Chair - UK
    Marco Jung, Regional Vice Chair - Germany
    Paolo Mattavelli, Regional Vice Chair - Italy
Luiz Henrique Silva Colado Barreto, South America Regional Chair, Region 9
    Marco Rivera, Regional Vice Chair - Chile
Sanjib K Panda, Asia Pacific Regional Chair, Region 10
    Mahinda Vilathgamuwa, Regional Vice Chair - Australia & New Zealand
    Kai Sun, Regional Vice Chair - China
    Srinivas Karanki, Regional Vice Chair - India–Pacific
    Shinzo Tamai, Regional Vice Chair - Japan
    Honnyong Cha, Regional Vice Chair - Korea
IEEE Power & Energy Society Mythili Chaganti, Vice President, Chapters & Membership
IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society Jong-Moon Chung, Vice President, Member Services
Paul Robinson, Chapter Coordinator
IEEE Professional Communication Society Alan Chong, President
IEEE Reliability  Society Loretta J. Arellano
IEEE Robotics & Automation Society Grace Zhao, Technical Community Program Specialist (Staff)
IEEE Sensors Council Veda Nagaraj, Chapter Engagement
IEEE Signal Processing Society George Olekson, Chapter and Operations Associate
Theresa Argiropoulos, Director, Operations (Staff)
IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology Shaikh Fattah, Chapters
IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Alvin Loke, Chapters Chair
Ashley Seda, Society Administrator (Staff)
Danielle Marinese, Senior Society Administrator (Staff)
IEEE Systems Council Ramakrishnan Raman, Chapter Committee Chair
IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society ChunChe (Lance) Fung, Chapter Coordinator Chair
IEEE Transportation Electrification Council Don Tan, President
IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Mohammed Aboud, Membership/Chapters
IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectronics, & Frequency Society Lin Yi, Chapters
IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Alon Newton, Chapters