2019 Year-End Finance Action Items for IEEE Conferences

The IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) team requests that organizers of open financially-sponsored conferences accomplish the following 2019 year-end goals:

Submission of transaction-level financial detail 2019 Year End Financial

Please submit auditable documents to your designated analyst as soon as possible including:

·        ·        invoices

       ·        sponsorship reports and invoices

       ·        exhibit reports and invoices

       ·        expense contracts and invoices

·        ·        bank statements (if IEEE Concentration Banking was not used)

Timely closure of all financially-sponsored conferences

All 2018 conferences must be fully closed before year-end. It is strongly recommended that 2019 conferences close before the end of the year.

Updated financial information

If your 2019 conference cannot close before year-end, please submit an updated financial forecast via the Conference Financial Reporting Form or your designated analyst.
Submission of 1099/1042 reportable payments

Please submit the following prior to year-end 2019:

·       ·        Conferences taking place in the U.S. - Report all payments made to U.S. citizens and resident aliens (1099) and non-U.S. persons (1042).

       ·       Conferences taking place outside the U.S. - Report payments made to U.S. citizens and resident aliens only (1099).

Please submit all above items by Friday, 13 December. If you have any questions, please contact your designated analyst or the MCE Business Operations team.