2023 Geographic Unit Rebate Schedule

This page contains the 2023 Rebate Schedule (section 9.0.E of the MGA Operations Manual). Additional information can be found on the Required Reporting web page and in the MGA Operations Manual.
The deadline for submitting annual financial reports is the last day of February, and the deadline for annual officer and meeting reports is 15 March. To be eligible for the 10% bonus, all reporting (financial, meeting, and officer) must be submitted by the third Friday in February.
All Sections in existence on 31 December 2022 and meeting minimum requirements shall receive an annual allowance.

Geographic Unit Rebate Schedule

This is taken from section 9.0.E of the MGA Operations Manual.  Please reference the manual for more information about geographic units.

1. Section rebate

Sections are required to submit their annual financial reports by the last day of February, and their annual officer and meeting reports by 15 March, of each year in order to be eligible for the dues rebates. The section Secretary and Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer should verify that all required reports have been submitted on time, including all Subsection, Chapter, and Affinity Group reporting. Exceptions for payment of the dues rebate to those units submitting the required reports after these deadlines shall be at the discretion of the Region Director, and a 10% penalty shall be applied to all such exceptions.  

a. Allowance: All Sections in existence for the entire year and that meet the minimum requirements shall receive a US$2,000 annual allowance. For Sections formed during the year, these funds will be pro-rated from the date of establishment until 31 December. 

b. Membership rebate: Based on the member statistics on 31 December of the previous year, the membership rebate shall be as follows

  • US$3 for each member of Member, Graduate Student Member, Student Member, or Associate Member grade
  • US$1.50 for each Affiliate
  • US$4 for each member of Senior Member or Fellow grade

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2. Subsection rebate

US$500 for each Subsection meeting minimum requirements.
  1. Financial activity: data should be consolidated into the Section's annual financial report form.
  2. Meeting activity: Subsections shall submit annually a report on the meetings held within the past year in a timely manner using electronic reporting tools provided by MGA. A Subsection shall hold at least five meetings per year and maintain a membership of no fewer than fifteen (15) members other than Student Members.
  3. Current officers: Any changes to the roster of officers shall be submitted in a timely manner using electronic reporting tools provided by MGA.
  4. In accordance with the MGA Operations Manual, Section 9.5.D.1, a Section shall be responsible for distributing funds to its Subsections.

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3. Chapter and Affinity Group rebate

US$200 for each Chapter and Affinity Group meeting minimum requirements in accordance with the following sections of the MGA Operations Manual:
  • Section 9.7.J - Chapter Requirements for Membership and Meeting Activity
  • Section 9.10.J - Affinity Group Requirements for Membership and Meeting Activity
In accordance with the MGA Operations Manual, Sections 9.7.G and 9.10.G, “Chapters and Affinity Groups are entitled to receive the funds generated by their own activities, including dues rebates (earned during the preceding year as computed by the dues rebate formula).” In accordance with the MGA Operations Manual, Section 9.5.I, “Chapter and Affinity Group funds provided to the Section through the annual rebate are intended for the support of those subunits. Chapters and Affinity Groups shall be funded at a minimum at the level of the annual rebate.”

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4. Bonus for timeliness

All Sections whose reporting (financial, meeting, and officer) is submitted by the third Friday in February, will receive a 10% bonus of the total rebate not including activity bonuses.

If the information submitted is not complete or contains errors, and if corrections are not submitted within 60 days of a written request, the 10% bonus will be forfeited. The written request provided by IEEE will clearly state what action is expected, the date by which it must be submitted, and the consequence if not submitted.

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5. Activity bonus

In an effort to encourage activities at the local level, activity bonuses may be awarded as follows:
  1. All Sections reporting 10 meetings or more, at least 5 of which must be of a technical nature, shall receive an additional US$200.
  2. All Subsections reporting 10 meetings or more, at least 5 of which must be of a technical nature, shall receive an additional US$100.
  3. A meeting jointly sponsored by more than one IEEE geographical organization unit (Chapter, Affinity Group, Subsection, or Section) may qualify as a meeting for each, but will count toward the activity bonus of only one of the units.
  4. All Chapters or Affinity Groups reporting 6 or more meetings shall receive an additional US$75; in the case of a Chapter, at least 6 of the reported meetings shall be in the technical category.
  5. Activity bonus funds are excluded from the 10% bonus for timely reporting.
  6. All units must qualify for the timely reporting bonus (see #4 above) in order to be eligible for an activity bonus.

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6. Notification of rebates

The Section’s subunits (Subsections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups) will be notified about the amount to which their activities contribute to the rebate following the distribution of the rebate by 31 August.

7. Geographic Councils

Geographic unit Councils, comprised of Sections, are not eligible for a rebate. Geographic Councils can receive only Chapter/Affinity Group rebates (US$200/unit) for active Chapters and/or Affinity Groups. If the Council is the parent organization of a Chapter or Affinity Group, the Council will receive the rebate for the subunit(s) only, including the 10% bonus for timely reporting and activity bonus, if applicable. Councils receive no other rebate allowance; there is no additional allowance or payment per membership.
  1. Financial activity: If a geographic Council has no bank accounts and no financial activity, the "General Information and Certification Schedule" forms should be completed and submitted along with a statement indicating there were no bank accounts and no financial activity for the year. If a Council has a bank account, with or without additional financial activity, a financial report must be submitted.
  2. Meeting activity: If a Council has no Chapters or Affinity Groups, meeting reports are not required.
  3. Officer reporting: A roster of current officers shall be submitted annually.

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8. Members and geographic units outside Sections

For those members and geographic units that do not belong to an actual Section, the Region to which they belong acts as their parent. In its role as parent, the Region shall receive:
  1. The Allowance as defined in the Geographic Unit Rebate Schedule, as long as the number of members is not fewer than 50.
  2. The Membership rebate as defined in the Geographic Unit Rebate Schedule.
  3. The rebates appropriated for each geographic unit outside of Sections, based on meeting activity and compliance with financial and officer reporting requirements, shall be distributed to the respective geographic units.

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9. Activity and reporting requirements

To be eligible for a rebate, Sections must provide current officer, financial, and meeting/activity reports based on the following requirements. Units are advised that utilizing online reporting options will result in faster processing and release of the Section rebate.
  1. Current officer report: Reports of current Section, Subsection, Chapter, and Affinity Group officers must be submitted within 20 days following the election and/or appointment of such officers using the electronic reporting tools provided by MGA. These reports must be updated during the year whenever officers change, including those who have been re-elected or re-appointed to another term.
  2. Financial report: A financial report summarizing the previous year's financial activities must be submitted annually using the designated online financial reporting accounting software. If the Section is unable to obtain financial records from a Subsection, Chapter, or Affinity Group, it may opt to submit a statement that the subunit has failed to submit a timely financial report and waive its right to a rebate for that particular subunit. Delinquent subunits may be subject to probation or even dissolution.
    1. Bank signature card: The bank signature card(s) must be returned to the IEEE Operations Center for the signature of the IEEE Senior Director – Financial Services before the Section rebate will be released. This is required for all bank accounts for Sections and their subunits within the US, and those units outside of the US where banking and legal restrictions will allow. The Section rebate will not be released until all signature cards for the Section and, if applicable, its Subsection(s), Chapter(s), and Affinity Group(s) have been received at the IEEE Operations Center. Councils are also required to comply with this policy for the Council’s bank account and that of any subunits.

      An exemption from the signature card requirement may be requested from the Region Director. Exemptions may only be granted due to local, state, or federal banking laws, and regulations prohibiting the signature of the IEEE Senior Director or where the requirements would be prohibitive. To obtain the exemption form, send an email to Finance-Solutions@ieee.org.

      If a Section or subunit has not changed officers and the IEEE Senior Director’s signature is already on the signature card, a new signature card is not required.
  3. Meeting Activity Report(s): Meeting activity reports are key to unit maintenance and viability. Eligibility requirements shall be met in accordance with the MGA Operations Manual, Section 9.4.L – Section Reporting Requirements. To facilitate accurate reporting, a meeting reporting form should be submitted, via the electronic communication tool provided by MGA, for each meeting and include the information requested in the form fields.

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10. Procedures

MGA cannot make additional Subsection, Chapter, or Affinity Group subsidy payments for meeting activity reported at a later time; as such, the Section secretary should certify when submitting Section, Subsection, Chapter, and Affinity Group meeting activity that all activity has been reported. Rebates for Council subunits will be sent directly to the Council treasurer unless the Council chair otherwise instructs staff.

The rebate is paid to the Section (and Regions with members and geographic units outside Sections) by the end of the second quarter. The funds provided are intended for the support of not only the Section’s activities, but also the activities of its subunits, including Subsections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, and IEEE student organizations.

11. Upgrading Subsection to Section

For Sections formed from Subsections after 31 December, the current year's rebate for the new Section shall be based upon the terms of a written agreement between the officers of the parent Section and the new Section. The agreement will be developed in consultation with the Region Director. Such agreement will be based on the number of members in the new Section and shall be concluded prior to the establishment of the new Section.