How to Create a New IEEE Chapter

The following information will help to guide you through the process of developing a society/technical council chapter. IEEE Staff is available to assist you in any step of the process of chapter development.

Please email with questions about Technical Chapters. 

Please email with questions about Student Branch Chapters. More information about Student Branches is also available on the Student Branch Operations webpage.

New Society/Technical Council/Joint Chapter

A Chapter shall be a technical subunit of a Region, one or more Sections, or a Geographic Council. Technical Chapters are your local link to the valuable resources available from IEEE and its 40+ Societies and Technical Councils. To form a Chapter, please view IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Petitions

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To change the status of an existing Chapter

The status of an existing Chapter may be changed from single to joint, or vice versa, or from one joint combination to another. To change the status of an existing Chapter or Joint Chapter, please view IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Petitions.

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Inactive Chapter

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Department monitors the activity level of affinity groups and technical Society Chapters with meeting reports (L31's). If your Chapter is currently inactive, simply have a meeting and report your activity to reactive your Chapter. Society Chapters are required to report a minimum of two technical meetings, and affinity groups must report a minimum of two meetings, of any type, each year.

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Dissolved Chapter

Chapters/affinity groups that have not reported any meetings for a minimum of three consecutive years will be put on probation to be dissolved. Once a Chapter has been dissolved, the process to form a new Chapter must be utilized to reinstate the Chapter.


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Contact the people who can help you

The IEEE staff person in the position of Society/Technical Council Chapter Coordinator will help you contact your Society and Section representatives, as well as assist in determining your Chapter Development options. For assistance, email IEEE staff at

The volunteer at the Society level, in the position of Society Chapter Coordinator, will be able to tell you if the Society is interested in forming a Chapter, or if there are already Chapters in existence in your area. This person will also help you access membership information and serve as your contact to the Society.

Gather membership data

Access to membership data is available through IEEE staff. Information regarding the number of a Society's higher grade members and contact information will be sent to any IEEE Society Chapter-Coordinator who requests it. If you are not yet formally recognized as a Chapter volunteer, please email IEEE staff at or the Society of your choice for further assistance.

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