Region 8 Conference Support Pilot Program

New pilot program: On 4 February 2019, MCE began a six-month trial designed to provide enhanced support to:

·        Region 8 conference organizers

·        MGA leadership

Melinda Stembridge, Customer Relations & Operations Administrator will provide dedicated support to Region 8, as well as continue to support all India-sponsored conferences.


Support services

Melinda will provide oversight and support, and serve as the primary point-of-contact for Region 8 conference activities including:

·        conference sponsorship

·        the IEEE Conference Application

·        finance

·        contracts

·        publications

·        copyright

·        conference quality

·        conference activity data

·        general inquiries

Hours of support

Melinda will be working remotely with hours aligned to the European time zone:

9am-5pm GMT


Contact details

Please direct all questions, concerns, and feedback to Melinda at:


P: +1.732.562.3974



At the conclusion of the six months, the pilot will be assessed to determine conference support needs and strategy in Region 8. MCE will communicate information regarding future support services at that time.

We are here to help

Please share this information with appropriate MGA/Region 8 conference leadership in your area. We are happy to provide assistance if there are additional questions about the program.