OCTOBER FREE E-BOOK TWEET: Rewarding Your Employees in Tight Salary Times--Vol.2: Additional Techniques

IEEE-USA's Free October E-Book Offers More Techniques for Rewarding Good People--Even on a Tight Budget

IEEE-USA’s October free e-book for members examines the age-old dilemma every manager faces--of rewarding deserving employees--especially when the budget is too tight to do it financially.  In this second volume, Rewarding Your Employees in Tight Salary Times—Volume 2: Additional Techniques, author Harry T. Roman discusses and describes additional strategies, tips and techniques for rewarding key people. 

Roman advises against fun, trendy forms of recognition–such as inviting employees to select something from an upscale gift catalog, or presenting a certificate for dinner for two at an expensive restaurant. The veteran engineering professional and educator says that while these popular reward mechanisms have their place, it’s important to recognize high-performing people in ways that will keep them motivated and on point—retaining these valuable staff members in your company, and in your department. 

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OCTOBER NEW E-BOOK TWEET: Valuable Career Lessons I Learned in Dad's Workshop--Vol.2: Be Responsible, Communicate and Keep Learning
IEEE-USA's October new E-Book offers more valuable life and career lessons from Dad's workshop. Go to:
IEEE-USA's October New E-Book Teaches Responsibility, Communication, Continuous Learning
IEEE Life Senior Member and veteran author and educator, Harry T. Roman, continues teaching valuable life and career lessons he learned in his Dad's basement workshop--in this second e-book in his two-volume series: Valuable Career Lessons I Learned in Dad’s Workshop--Volume 2: Be Responsible, Communicate and Keep Learning.
“The vignettes I present in this second volume discuss what I learned from a master teacher, and they demonstrate the importance of being responsible, developing good communication skills, and continuing to learn,” says Roman. “All are very relevant to today’s discussions about engineering, STEM and invention.” 
The elder Roman, whom his son describes as “a master of unstructured problem-solving,” was a lifelong tinkerer. “Down in the basement,” writes Roman, “I was apprenticed to a man who taught me how to get my hands around a problem, and how to use my head.”


With humor and love, the author relates what he learned from his father about responsibility, communication and continuous learning. Don't miss:
Valuable Career Lessons I Learned in Dad's Workshop, Vol. 2: Be Responsible, Communicate and Keep Learning is available at --  for only $2.99 for members and $4.99 for non-members.
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