IEEE Life Members Committee

The IEEE Life Members Committee (LMC), a Joint Committee of IEEE and the IEEE Foundation, provides leadership in the identification of, and support to, the interests of Life members (including future Life members) in activities of IEEE. The Life Members Committee is also responsible for the administration of the Life Members Fund in support of activities that are of professional concern and interest to Life members. 


The IEEE Life Members Committee shall: 

  • Act on behalf of the best interests of Life Members

  • Consider suggestions for activities of interests for members who are retired, and it may make recommendations to other IEEE

  • Seek ways to encourage continued IEEE activity and involvement by Life Members at all levels of IEEE

  • Partner with the IEEE Foundation to operate the IEEE Foundation Grants Program

  • Participate in the raising of charitable donations for the IEEE Life Members Fund (LMF) of the IEEE Foundation by performing duties including, but not limited to, raising awareness of the program supported through the LMF, soliciting donations, stewarding donors, and each LMC member making an annual donation to the LMF at the level consistent with their comfort level

  • Be responsible for the management and prudent expenditure of the LMF in support of meaningful activities that are of professional concern and interest to IEEE

  • Take an active role in encourage the establishment of IEEE Life Members Affinity Groups in the Sections so that those who are at a similar stage in their careers can share experiences and find ways to remain active

  • Publish an IEEE Life Members Newsletter as a means of keeping Life Members informed of news of particular interest to them and to provide a forum in which suitable articles may be published 


The IEEE Life Members Committee shall consist of not more than nine members:

  • Chair, who shall have Life member status
  • Five (5) Members-at-Large, who shall normally have Life member status
  • Immediate Past LMC Chair
  • Two (2) member, who need not have Life member status, shall be appointed by the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors

2021 roster


  • Scott Atkinson, Chair
  • Charles Turner
  • Maxine Cohen
  • Jorge Monzon
  • Edward Rezek
  • David Bondurant
  • Ralph Wyndrum
  • John Impagliazzo
  • Sara Rajala

2020 roster


  • Scott Atkinson, Chair
  • Charles Turner
  • Howard Wolfman
  • Paul YS Cheung
  • Jorge Monzon
  • John Harris
  • Maxine Cohen
  • Dennis Shapiro
  • John Impagliazzo

2019 roster


  • Charles Turner, Chair
  • Aleksandar Szabo
  • Michael Andrews
  • Ray Edward Floyd
  • T. Scott Atkinson
  • Howard Wolfman
  • L. Dennis Shapiro
  • Eleanor Baum

Staff Support


  •  Meetings shall be scheduled and held as required at the call of the Chair. Between meetings, as much business of the Committee as practical shall be accomplished by electronic means.
  • Anticipated travel and lodging expenses for Committee members shall be budgeted.
  • A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the IEEE Life Members Committee.
  • Voting shall be in accordance with the IEEE Bylaws, policies, and established practice.

Financial and administrative support


  • The IEEE Life Members Committee shall authorize disbursements from the IEEE Life Members Fund, which is an account of the IEEE Foundation, in accordance with the objectives and procedures of IEEE and the IEEE Foundation.  Projects which receive Life Members funds are to be consistent with the interests of Life members.
  • The IEEE Life Members Committee shall approve an annual budget.  The Committee Chair will oversee disbursement of these funds.
  • Committee Chair shall present periodic reports on its activities to both the IEEE Foundation Board and the IEEE Board of Directors. 
  • Staff support for the Committee will be provided by the IEEE MGA Department.

Strategic plan

The IEEE Life Members Committee operates within its strategic plan.