MGA Outstanding Large, Medium, and Small Section Award Recipients

MGA Outstanding Large, Medium, and Small Section Awards are awarded to one large Section, one medium Section, and one small Section each year, for their successful efforts in fulfilling the educational and scientific goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public by maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the Student Branches, Technical Chapters, and Affinity Groups within their geographic boundaries.

2022 MGA Outstanding Section Award recipients

Large - IEEE Malaysia Section, Region 10

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

Chair MdPauzi Abdullah
Vice Chair Nordin Ramli
Secretary Nabilah Ibrahim
Treasurer Nur Idora Abdul Razak


Medium - IEEE Columbus Section, Region 2

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

Chair Helen Winfrey              
Vice Chair Paul Berger
Secretary Howard Jones
Treasurer Daniel Chionuma


Small - IEEE Galveston Bay Section, Region 5

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

Chair Ishaq Unwala
Vice Chair Irfan Khan
Secretary James Alan Currie
Treasurer S Z Taqvi

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Outstanding Large Section Award recipients

Region Section
2022 10 IEEE Malaysia Section
2021 10 IEEE Hong Kong Section
2020 10 IEEE Kerala Section
2019 10 IEEE Bangalore Section
2018 10 IEEE Bangladesh Section
2017 8 IEEE Tunisia Section
2016 6 IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section
2015 10 IEEE Kerala Section
2014 10 IEEE Bangalore Section
2013 1 IEEE North Jersey Section
2012 1 IEEE Boston Section
2011 7 IEEE Ottawa Section
2010 7 IEEE Vancouver Section
2009 10 IEEE Taipei Section
2008 9 IEEE Peru Section
2007 3 IEEE Melbourne Section
2006 2 IEEE Pittsburgh Section
2005 7 IEEE Ottawa Section
2004 1 IEEE Long Island Section


Large Section = 1,501 or more members

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Outstanding Medium Section Award recipients

Region Section
2022 2 IEEE Columbus Section
2021 9 IEEE Argentina Section
2020 9 IEEE Ecuador Section
2019 8 IEEE South Africa Section
2018 No award presented
2017 7 IEEE Southern Alberta Section
2016 9 IEEE Argentina Section
2015 1 IEEE New Jersey Coast Section
2014 8 IEEE Croatia Section


Medium Section = 501 - 1,500 members

The Outstanding Medium Section Award was established in November 2013.


Outstanding Small Section Award recipients

Region Section
2022 5 IEEE Galveston Bay Section
2021 8 IEEE Oman Section
2020 9 IEEE Panama Section
2019 8 IEEE Kenya Section
2018 8 IEEE Cyprus Section
2017 7 IEEE London Section
2016 No award presented
2015 9 IEEE Nicaragua Section
2014 9 IEEE Panama Section
2013 1 IEEE Green Mountain Section
2012 5 IEEE Galveston Bay Section
2011 7 IEEE London Section
2010 7 IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section
2009 6 IEEE Richland Section
2008 10 IEEE South Australia Section
2007 10 IEEE Shikoku Section
2006 5 IEEE Oklahoma Section
2005 9 IEEE Bahia Section
2004 10 IEEE South Australia Section


Small Section = 500 or less members

In November 2003, the Outstanding Large and Small Section Awards were established.  These awards were presented as a substitute for the Outstanding Section Award.

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Outstanding Section Award recipients

Region Section
2002 10 IEEE Bombay Section
2001 2 IEEE Philadelphia Section


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Activity highlights from this year's award recipients

The IEEE Malaysia Section had a very successful 2021, organizing many events by leveraging the Zoom virtual platform. Eight projects from the IEEE Malaysia Section received IEEE HAC & SIGHT funds during the year. The projects focused on COVID-19 response and pressing community needs such as ‘Bridging Digital Inequalities Amongst the Urban Poor Communities in Malaysia.’ These projects helped to improve government and industrial relations and benefited the student members involved. The Section continuously supported professional and educational activities, including one of Young Professionals (YP) biggest events, the IEEE Five minutes FYP (5MFYP) with participants from all universities in Malaysia. To promote all its activities, the IEEE Malaysia Section updated its website with 350+ pieces of new content and in 2021 the website had close to a million hits!

The IEEE Columbus Section thrived during 2021, conducting several technical, professional, and non-technical events. The most active technical chapter was PES (PE31) with a high number of technical events, beneficial to the technical growth of the IEEE members. The Section had projects in community service that projected great visibility to IEEE. The Section also collaborated with other professional societies to bring cross series of technical programs to aid in obtaining Continuing Professional Development hours, necessary in maintaining the Professional Engineering licensure. In addition, YP and WIE Professional Networking events were conducted as they are beneficial in retaining members. Events are extended to students, which foster professional, and students' mentorship. Students appreciate the guidance they received from professional members and satisfies their sense of importance. Go Columbus Section!

The IEEE Galveston Bay Section provided during 2021 outstanding support to the objectives of IEEE and outstanding service to its members despite the local Covid-19 restrictions. The Section and its OUs were successful in providing events that were innovative and in diversified technical areas. The Section’s long-range planning and membership feedback allowed distinguished speakers from IEEE Societies and Councils to provide a great supplement to the events with their expert presentations. ‘Nano Ultrasonic Sensors for Healthcare’ and ‘Virtual Media Technology for the Post-Covid-19 Era’ are some examples. Educational emphasis was key to the selection of the Section's events/projects, helping engineers/scientists enhance their leadership skills while also promoting innovative, futuristic, and trending technologies such as Advanced Biometric Techniques, and Spacecraft Configuration, Assembly. Congratulations!!

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