Section-Student Branch Connection Approved Actions

Attn: Section and Student Branch volunteers


Below are the actions that have been approved by the MGA Board in relation to the Section – Student Branch Connection. Please refer to the MGA Operations Manual for more information.


1. November, 2015 A motion was passed by the MGA Board stating that MGA approve a structural change that
formally brings Student Branches under the local Sections’ organizational structure placing Student Branches in the same organizational construct as local chapters and affinity groups.

2.   November 2016, Section Chair approval (in addition to the Regional Director and RSAC approval) be required in order to approve a Student

3.   June 2017, Section rebate per student/grad student member goes to the section responsible for the Student Branch to which the
student/grad student belongs.

4. November 2017, Resolved that the MGA Board modifies vTools to implement by December 2018, the SAC reporting changes for a budget up to $20 k, fully transitioning to the vTools L31 Meetings Module for activity reporting; section visibility into Branch operations and reporting for performance management purposes, and implementation of Section Incentive once the annual plan, meeting
requirements and SSR/SSAC are in place.

5. November 2017, Resolved that the MGA Board approves the changes in the Operations Manual, Section 9.4.F.1 - Section Officers, with the exception of the Section Student Representative, each member of the Section ExCom shall be an IEEE member, in good standing, of Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, or Fellow grade.

6. November 2017, Resolved that the MGA Board approves the changes in the Operations Manual, Section 9.4.D.3 - Section Management, whereas in sections where there is at least one Student Branch, it is recommended that the Section ExCom select
a Section Student Activities Chair (SSAC) and a Section Student Representative (SSR) as voting members of the Section ExCom.

7.  June 2018, Changes to Operations Manual Section 9.7.H, Student branch Reporting and Funds changes to include, timeline, number of activities, annual plan v. annual report, branch counselor no longer required to endorse.