Publicity and Event Toolkit

This page contains tips and tools for helping volunteers promote local IEEE events, activities, and recognitions.
Please contact if you have any questions or suggestions.

IEEE background information

Visit for the following:

Boilerplate (DOC, 32 KB)

Media relations tips and templates

Calendar alert tips (DOC, 35 KB)
Calendar alert template (DOC, 43 KB)
Creating a media list (DOC, 38 KB)
Interview tips (DOC, 39 KB)
Media alert tips (DOC, 36 KB)
Media alert template (DOC, 67 KB)
Media relations outreach tips (DOC, 49 KB)
Public service announcement tips (DOC, 35 KB)

News release templates

News release tips (DOC, 35 KB)
Member appointed officer (DOC, 54.5 KB)
Member article published (DOC, 55 KB)
Member named Fellow (DOC, 50.5 KB)
Member to speak at conference (DOC, 60.5 KB)

Event planning documents

Event organization checklist (DOC, 44 KB)
Budget template (DOC, 49 KB)
Catering template (DOC, 54 KB)
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