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Sections Congress 2023

The Recommendations Process for Sections Congress 2020 Went Virtual
Find recordings and materials from the SC2020 Virtual Recommendations Event in the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence
In an effort to continue forward with the recommendation process for this year, the 2020 Recommendation Process was held virtually. The event consisted of two sessions, held on 1 September and 15 September. The event focused on the recommendation process and voting. It also included additional content related sessions and activities.

Recordings and materials from the two sessions are available in the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE): Please note, you may be prompted to log in with your IEEE account first.

Sections Congress 2020 Top Recommendations:
SC2020 Recommendation 4
Recommendation 10

SC2020 Recommendation 8

The 2020 Recommendations have been worked on by the applicable groups within IEEE from 2020 through 2023. A detailed update on the actions and outcomes for each Recommendation can be viewed here: Sections Congress 2020 Recommendations Update.

SC Recommendation Badge

Exhibitors list

  • IEEE Day 2017
  • IEEE Information Technology (IT)
  • IEEE Computer Society (CS)
  • Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB)
  • Arinex
  • IEEE Potentials
  • IEEE Young Professionals
  • IEEE Educational Activities (EA)
  • IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS)
  • BridgeClimb Sydney
  • IEEE Division VI
  • IEEE.Tv
  • IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
  • IEEE Contact Center
  • IEEE Fellows
  • IEEE Industy Applications Society (IAS)
  • IEEE Author Center
  • IEEE Region 10: Asia-Pacific
  • IEEE Membership Development
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS)
  • IEEE 2017 TAB Ad Hoc on IEEE at the North & South Poles
  • IEEE Netsuite
  • Business Events Canada (BEC)
  • IEEE Corporate Communications & Brand Marketing
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)
  • Travel Portland
  • IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE)
  • Business Events Sydney
  • IEEE Meetings, Conferences, and Events (MCE)
  • IEEE Humanitarian and Philanthropic Opportunities Pavilion
  • IEEE Technical Activities (TA)
  • IEEE Member abd Geographic Activities (MGA)
  • IEEE Standards Association (SA)

Top Three SC2017 recommendations

2. Develop an incentive program for corporations to join IEEE as 'Corporate Member'.

5. Develop (or expand existing) training programs and/or create partnerships with external organizations to allow members to provide  STEM activities to pre-college students. Provide 'canned' or 'in a box' style demonstrations and presentations that local Sections can deliver to pre-college students. Re-evaluate a 'Junior IEEE' membership program targeted at pre-college students.

16. Strengthen and recognize Industry/Academia/Government Collaboration/Partnerships

  • Create a Section Award for Industry/Academia/Volunteer collaboration
  • Organize multidisciplinary Industry/Academia/Government events focused on 'hot' issues
  • Develop a public communications platform to develop projects and share results

Create a 'dating' platform to communicate industry issues searching for solutions and possible 'applications' of research results.

2017 Sections Congress Region Coordinators:

  • Region 1 - Charles Rubenstein
  • Region 2 - Joseph Kalasky
  • Region 3 - Thomas Habetler
  • Region 4 - Praveen Kumar
  • Region 5 - John Reinert
  • Region 6 - Elizabeth Johnston
  • Region 7 - Ashafaq (Kash) Husain
  • Region 8 - Marko Delimar
  • Region 9 - Norberto Lerendegui 
  • Region 10-Stefan Mozar 


2017 Sections Congress 2017 Committee members:

  • Vaughan Clarkson (R10), Chair
  • Magdalena Salazar Palma (R8), Past Chair
  • Vin Piuri (R8), Program Committee Chair
  • Stefan Mozar (R10),Local Organizing Committee Chair
  • Edhem (Eddie) Custovic (R10), Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Ramakrishna Kappagantu (R10), 2015-2016 R10 Director
  • Kukjin Chun (R10), 2017-2018 R10 Director
  • Lawrence Wong (R10), 2016 VP-MGA
  • Martin Bastiaans (R8), MGA Geo Unit Operations Committee Chair
  • Rakesh Kumar – TA appointed representative
  • Cecelia Jankowski, MGA Secretary
  • Cheryl Sinauskas, MGA Staff