Sections Congress 2014 Mobile App and Website User Training Guides and FAQs

Attendees of IEEE Sections Congress 2014 (SC2014) used the SC2014 mobile application or website to view the program schedule, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. They also connected with other attendees and interacted via social media. This page includes user training guides for the various areas of the app. These user guides were also available in the Documents area of the app and website.
Attendees who were registered before 17 July received an email on 17 July with their username and password. The subject was "SC2014 Mobile App Username and Password - Get Started!" New registrants received their username and password within a week of registration.
Email SC2014 Coordinator with questions

User training guides

FAQs - frequently asked questions about the SC2014 mobile app

  • Will I be charged for using the mobile app?

    Sections Congress 2014 attendees will have access to free wi-fi at the RAI Convention and at each SC2014 negotiated hotel. The RAI wi-fi username and password will be provided on site. Please ask the hotel registration team upon check-in for your hotel's wi-fi username and password.

    The RAI wi-fi service will be available in all meeting areas utilized by IEEE and SC2014 attendees. If the free wi-fi services provided at each negotiated hotel and the RAI are utilized, there should not be data roaming charges from your mobile service provider. It is strongly recommended, however, that if you have any concerns, you should contact your mobile provider prior to departing for Amsterdam.
  • How do I download the SC2014 mobile app?
    Download the app for iOS or Android devices, or visit the mobile website.
  • I registered for SC2014, but don't have an iOS or Android mobile phone. How can I view the schedule and interact with attendees?
    The SC2014 mobile website has almost all of the same features as the mobile app. The mobile website can be accessed from any device with an Internet browser, e.g., laptop, tablet, Kindle Fire, etc.
  • I am not registered for SC2014. Can I use access the mobile app and website?
    The SC2014 mobile app and website are for registered attendees only, but the information provided is also available on the SC2014 web pages on
  • What is my username and password? My IEEE account login did not work.
    The SC2014 mobile app and website are for registered SC2014 attendees. Registered attendees should have received an email with their username and password. Your IEEE Account is not connected to the mobile app.


    Email the SC2014 Coordinator if you did not receive your login information.