Student Branch & Section Collaboration

As a student, the opportunities are endless, but you must create the environment by surrounding yourself with leaders in the field.


How can Student Members connect with Sections?

  • Visit myIEEE and MemberNET Rolodex to connect with your Section members:
  • Proactively reach out to Section leaders via email or by attending local events to display what your Student Branch is doing and what assistance you need.
  • Inquire about opportunities for you to learn more about being involved in your Section even as a Student Member.

What is the value?

  • IEEE members are committed to the same global goal – you will be adding value to this by making new connections, developing new projects, and engaging with other like-minded leaders.
  • Engaging with leaders locally, ultimately developing global partnerships to foster continued improvement.
  • Relationship building
    • Student membership is the beginning of your IEEE relationship – engage with your Section
    • Multiple vectors for benefits and opportunities: e.g., Student Branches, Section meetings, myIEEE / IEEE memberNet
    • IEEE provides professional development support and recognition throughout your career

Collaborating with your Section

IEEE Student Branches and local Sections can work together on activities..

  • Engage leaders in the mission, benefits, and opportunities of IEEE
  • Sponsors activities and events technical, professional, and humanitarian aspirations
  • Guest speakers
  • Paper contests
  • Local public imperatives
  • Fun, too!
  • Social events to bring together students with faculty
  • Pi Day

Networking with Your Section

Connectivity via the IEEE Network

  • IEEE Young Professionals
  • Local IEEE Section & Technical Chapters
  • IEEE Societies

Beginning Career Benefits

  • IEEE memberNet directory
  • IEEE Job Site
  • IEEE Mentoring Connection
  • Many more…

University Programs for Students and Faculty 

IBM – IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge

– Do you have an innovative solution to a real-world or humanitarian problem?

– Are you ready to apply your engineering and business skills in order to develop and implement your solution?

– Entries are now being accepted for creative team‐based student projects for the

Smarter Planet Challenge. For more details go to:

• Early Career Faculty Development Virtual Mini-Conference

– Launching a Successful Faculty Career . . . A new resources to address the professional and career needs of early career faculty . . .

– 15 November from 10 am EDT to 2 pm EDT - Conducted via a virtual platform

– Sessions on developing a 5-7 Career Plan, “Effective Teaching” and “Conducting a Research Program”

– Registration is Free. For more information send an e-mail to