IEEE Geographic Unit Record Retention Schedule

When submitted, these items are retained in storage by IEEE.


Retention Schedule 

Item Retention Period
General Accounting Records  
General Ledger Permanent
Fixed Assets Records Permanent
Loans Receivable Ledger 7 years
* Annual Financial Reports (L-50) Permanent
* Audit Reports Permanent
Cancelled Checks 7 years
Bank Statements & Reconciliation 7 years
Support Vouchers for Payables (Paid Invoices)
7 years
Expense Reports 7 years
Tax Records
* Tax Records and Support Data (in U.S.:  W-2's, W-9's, 1099's, Gift Acknowledgement Letters) 6 years
Personnel Records
Payroll Earning Records Employment duration plus 6 years
Cancelled Paychecks 7 years after termination
Pension Records Permanent
General Administrative Items
Contracts 7 years
10 years after termination
Postage Meter Record Book 1 year
General Correspondence 1 year
IEEE Related Items
* Charter Permanent
Historical Records, including records of Section Officers Permanent
Correspondence (e-mail) can be kept electronically or as hardcopy 1 year

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