Review this page to learn more about how to plan successful events for your Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group, how to recruit new volunteers, and how to complete the required reporting.  No WIE Affinity Group in your area? This page also includes information on how to start a new WIE Affinity Group and the benefits associated. 

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Forms for WIE Affinity Groups

Benefits of forming a WIE Affinity Group

  • Opportunity to network on a local level
  • Get Free Web site hosting via IEEE Entity Web Hosting services 
  • Apply for funding for events and activities. (Request must be submitted and approved by the IEEE WIE Committee.)
  • Eligible to receive additional funding of US$200 through IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) if Affinity Group meets minimum requirements.
  • Option to announce regional news and upcoming events in the WIE Newsletter and the WIE Web pages. Send all postings to
  • Borrow WIE Forum videotapes for affinity group meetings
  • Free WIE membership promotional items for affinity group meetings and events 

How to form a WIE Affinity Group

Forming an affinity group is the best way to interact and share information with others with similar interests in your local area. There are two types of affinity group formations:

Affinity Group required reporting

Affinity Groups are required to submit meeting, financial, and officer reports to IEEE MGA. Further information and report forms are available through IEEE Member and Geographic Activities.
Student Branch Affinity Groups should follow the reporting procedures required by their Student Branch Chapter.

Planning successful meetings and events

Meetings are one of the most visible and valuable ways for an affinity group to serve its members. 

Recruiting volunteers for a WIE Affinity Group

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) has a volunteer recruitment toolkit available. It has been developed to provide IEEE Units (Regions, Sections, Societies, Chapters, or Affinity Groups) with ideas for recruiting local IEEE members who may be interested in volunteering their time to help lead IEEE activities.

Visit the volunteer recruitment toolkit

General volunteer resources

The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) encourages the development of local activities and adds professional value to IEEE Women in Engineering members to increase the visibility of women in the profession. For this purpose, IEEE WIEC invites WIE Affinity Group Officers/Society Officers to submit Special Funding requests to bid for special funds.

Scope of proposals

All funding requests should be in line with the mission and vision of IEEE WIE.

Review the WIE mission and vision on

Funding request conditions

  • Funding requests must be submitted at least three months prior to the activity.
  • Funding requests must be submitted by the Affinity Group Chair.
  • The limit of each funding request is up to US$400. Please itemize the expenses in US dollars only (please do not use local currency in the proposal).
  • Funding is available for partnering IEEE Societies and WIE Affinity Groups to hold activities in line with the mission and vision of IEEE WIE.
    • Meal costs may be submitted as a special funding request if the activity meets the mission and vision of Women in Engineering.
    • Individual travel expenses (of any kind) will not be approved.
  • Priority will be provided to WIE Affinity Groups/Societies that have not received funding support. Awards will be determined based on annual budget.
  • The WIEC will review and approve/reject the funding requests at their next scheduled WIEC meeting.
  • WIE Affinity Group/Society should submit a report of the activity that received the IEEE WIE Special Fund within one month after the completion of the activity. If a report is not received, future requests for one year will not be reviewed and/or awarded.
  • WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups must submit their reports using the WIE Student Branch Affinity Group Reporting form.
  • The activity report may be published in WIE publications and/or social media platforms. The report should include images (jpeg, and not embedded in the report) and a one-page write-up (Word format) on the activity.

Please complete the Special Funding Request Form (DOC, 50 KB) form and email to