Deadline 15 Dec 2018  

IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summits (WIE ILS) provide regional opportunities to foster networking, mentorship, and collaboration.  IEEE WIE will continue the WIE ILS program in 2019 as part of the portfolio of global initiatives that focus on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Emerging/Future Technology.   Learn More 

IEEE has launched Concur Travel in partnership with its preferred travel agency, World Travel, Inc. Concur is the leading online travel booking tool and offers users a unique set of features, functionality, and support that will make booking travel a quick and simple process. Concur Travel offers both domestic and international reservations.

Concur Travel will provide an enhanced travel experience for both employees and volunteers with benefits including: 

  • Easy-to-use online booking tool: Store frequent flyer numbers and travel preferences, manage an individual unused ticket and simultaneously create air, rental car, hotel, rail, and dining reservations.

IEEE-USA's December New, Free Audio Book: Secrets to Being a World-Changer, Part 1: The Being of Leadership 


In IEEE-USA E-BOOKS' two-part book series, Secrets to Being a World-Changer--Part 1: The Being of Leadership, you will find a handy dandy guide that will give you access to “the inner circle.”

IEEE Members Jonathan Chew and Leo Szeto are two engineers who have devoted the past few years to boosting their own creativity and leadership.  As Disney Imagineers, and the authors of these e-books, they are sharing their passion for innovation, and encouraging others who want to dream big. 

IEEE-USA's November New, Free Audio Book Encourages Young Children to Explore, Be Curious and Be Creative

IEEE-USA’s November new, free audio book for members, Abigail and The Fish Tree, by Sonali Ranaweera, relates the story of a young girl who uses her curiosity and creativity to produce a gardening wonder.

IEEE-USA E-BOOKS’ youngest published author, Ranaweera believes we must all encourage young children to think outside the box, and expand their imaginations. Now 17, she was only 11 when she created the story.

A new online portal is available for ordering Membership Development (MD) materials. Volunteers now have the ability to customize the quantities and items included to support in recruiting new members, retaining those whose membership has lapsed, and recovering former members.

Contents available include membership and student recruitment brochures, information sheets, the MD Manual, promotional posters, giveaways, and more.

Items are also available for digital download and local printing.

For more information on the MD Kits and who is eligible to order, please visit or contact Nicole Honan (  If you'd like to get pricing for including your Society's materials on the portal, please contact Elyn Perez (

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Below are the actions that have been approved by the MGA Board in relation to the Section – Student Branch Connection.
Please refer to for more information.

The OU Analytics tool provides IEEE volunteer access to member data. It replaces SAMIEEE which was sunset in May. The OU Analytics User Group was formed to facilitate discussions among users, identify the top issues affecting user productivity, and provide a communication path between users and IEEE staff working to improve OU Analytics. The user group is currently meeting twice a month via WebEx. Meeting notes are published in the “IEEE OU Analytics” group in IEEE Collabratec. If you are interested in participating, contact Chris Gunning ( or Larry Hamerman (

More information about OU Analytics is available at
OCTOBER FREE E-BOOK TWEET: Rewarding Your Employees in Tight Salary Times--Vol.2: Additional Techniques

IEEE-USA's Free October E-Book Offers More Techniques for Rewarding Good People--Even on a Tight Budget