Student Activities Committee - Changes in the Operations Manual, Section 9.4

Attn: Section Chairs, Section Student Activities Chairs, and Section Student Representatives

As a result of the changes in the MGA Operations Manual, Section 9.4:  

In Sections with at least one Student Branch, it is recommended that the Section ExCom select a Section Student Activities Chair (SSAC) and a Section Student Representative (SSR) as voting members of the Section ExCom. The SSAC is an active Section member of Graduate Student Member Grade or above while the SSR is an active Student Member or Graduate Student Member in a Student Branch of the Section.

To support these volunteer roles, training and position descriptions are now available in the Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE). Additional training, best practices, and support will be available in the coming months. For questions, please contact

Attn: Section Chairs 

We want to inform you of an important MGA Board approved operational change which impacts your Section responsibilities. Please be advised that Section Chair approval (in addition to the Regional Director and RSAC approval) is now required within the automated petitions process in order to form a Student Branch. Please refer to the MGA Operations Manual for more information about the relationship between parent Sections and their local Student Branches. For questions, please contact