As of 1 December, Member Discounts Marketplace will feature a new offer for members in UK.  Members are eligible to receive a 5% discount from on a variety of insurance products. This cover is uniquely suited to the needs of contractors, consultants and other technologists who need coverage for various periods of time.  Available products include the following: Professional Indemnity (including Cyber Liability), Public Liability, Employer's Liability, Cyber Breach Response, Directors & Officers, Contents Insurance, Business Interruption, Personal Accident, Buildings Insurance and Legal Expenses.  Members must login at to access the vendor site through Marketplace.

Member Discounts Marketplace is a new feature of Member Discounts, which offers exclusive, time-sensitive savings opportunities.  Country/Region eligibility varies by vendor.  These deals may only last a few months, so be sure to act quickly.

Innovation happens when we work together. We recently achieved an important milestone as an organization: Bringing together on one platform access to over 300 local IEEE Sections, personalized to each of our 400,000+ members globally. 

IEEE Sections are valued and vibrant communities across the IEEE global network.  Available exclusively to IEEE Members, all IEEE Sections now have a dedicated gateway on IEEE Collabratec that showcase local networks, activities, and opportunities. Linked on the Member’s profile upon log-in, gateway resources include:

           Link to the IEEE Section’s website

           New IEEE Members to the Section, as they opt into the IEEE Member Directory

           Upcoming events organized by the Section, and conferences within geographic proximity of your Section

           Listing of the IEEE Volunteer leadership who make great things happen in the Section

           Recognition of Members in the Section who have advanced in membership grade

           Recognition of Members who have received badges for their participation on Collabratec

           Collabratec communities and workspaces in which Members of the Section participate

The gateway experience is consistent for Members should they move from one Section to another -- and offers our Student Members a persistent connection with their IEEE Section during their time of study, and as they embark upon their professional careers.

Attn: Section Chairs, Section Student Activities Chairs, and Section Student Representatives

As a result of the changes in the MGA Operations Manual, Section 9.4:  

In Sections with at least one Student Branch, it is recommended that the Section ExCom select a Section Student Activities Chair (SSAC) and a Section Student Representative (SSR) as voting members of the Section ExCom. The SSAC is an active Section member of Graduate Student Member Grade or above while the SSR is an active Student Member or Graduate Student Member in a Student Branch of the Section.

As of Thursday, 16 August, anyone joining IEEE becomes a member for the 2019 membership year. This is a valuable time to promote IEEE membership because any new member that joins in September receives an additional four months of membership at no extra cost.


For information on how you can incorporate a "join" message in your communications, contact Nicole Honan, Member and Geographic Activities, atn.honan@ieee .org

(posted 24 February 2017)

Now IEEE Collabratec™ users can network and collaborate from anywhere.

Whether traveling, at work, attending an IEEE conference, or without a computer, the free IEEE Collabratec mobile app will keep you connected with more than 75,000 technology professionals who are using IEEE's online professional networking and collaboration platform.

The mobile app makes these IEEE Collabratec features available on the go:

  • View posts and comments from your network, communities, and private groups
  • Post, comment, ask questions, and share activities in your newsfeed
  • Connect and network with other IEEE Collabratec participants
  • Create, upload, and view documents in your library
  • Message your network directly
  • Receive real-time notifications on activities

Developed as a partnership between the IEEE Collabratec development team and IEEE Mobile Center of Excellence, the app is one of three IEEE has launched in the last six months.

Download the free app from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play.

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Email SCOOP at with feedback and/or suggestions

(posted 16 September 2016)

With help from members in Region 10, a new app to help IEEE members identify IEEE events or conferences has been released. The app will use the geolocation feature of the user's phone to identify events happening nearby.

Using the search functionality allows the user to find events by:

  •     Event/Conference title
  •     Date and event types
  •     City
  •     State/province
  •     Country/Region
  •     Regions
  •     Sections
  •     Chapters
  •     IEEE sponsoring Societies/Councils

"My assessment of the mobile app is that it is well done," states Mike Fallenstein, IEEE Region 4 Communications Committee Chair. "It is easy and intuitive to navigate. It has a very modern feel to it like the newer apps released by other companies. There will always be enhancements that will be wanted by users, but I think this is really excellent for a first release."

Download the free app from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store.

Read the full article in the The Institute

(posted 29 August 2016)

As of Tuesday, 16 August, anyone joining IEEE becomes a member for the 2017 membership year. This is a valuable time to promote IEEE membership. Any new member that joins in September receives an additional four months of membership at no extra cost. Individuals can join online at

Contact Nicole Honan, Member and Geographic Activities, for more information on how you can incorporate a "join" message in your communications

Please be aware of the following timeline for renewals:

  •     6 September: Renewing members will be able to access their 2017 renewal quotes for membership and subscriptions. Members can renew online at
  •     1 October: The first renewal notice will begin mailing to members and nonmembers

Contact Shirley Gallagher, Member and Geographic Activities, with any questions