New Opportunities to Learn and Network in Ottawa Canada this August

“Leading our Global Technical Community” is the theme of the 2020 IEEE Sections Congress, which is scheduled to take place from 21 to 23 August in Ottawa Canada. The congress, held every three years, is sponsored by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board. 

IEEE Sections Congress is the triennial flagship event hosted by IEEE that brings together influencers and leaders from our 430,000 members spanning 165 countries, including technical professionals, corporate and academic leaders, key contributors and entrepreneurs to learn about IEEE products and programs.

After participating in Sections Congress, volunteers can apply what they’ve learned by introducing new programs and initiatives within their local communities.

The three-day event will offer a program designed to help delegates navigate and create a personalized schedule to meet their needs. There are over 40 breakout sessions, interactive ignite and panel sessions- with the option to select between overview and in-depth sessions. Overview sessions, offer general concepts at an introductory level and in-depth sessions offer expert details for attendees familiar with a topic.

Topics will fall within one of three tracks:

       Why We Lead - To Advance Technology for the Benefit of Humanity

       Where We Lead - In Fostering Professional Networks and Engaging Technical Communities

       How We Lead - By Developing Organizational Knowledge and Leadership Skills

At the IEEE Member & Geographic Activities Board 23 November 2019 meeting, the awards for the MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational, MGA Innovation, MGA Leadership, MGA Achievement, and MGA Young Professionals Achievement were selected.

The following individuals were selected as 2019 MGA Award recipients.

The MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award is presented to one individual annually, to recognize the accomplishment judged to be the most significant and effective in fulfilling one or more of the goals and strategic objectives of MGA as related to transnational activities.  This award is made in memory of Dr. Larry K. Wilson whose biography is listed below.

Takako Hashimito
, Tokyo Section - “For inspiring leadership and contributions to IEEE Women in Engineering across the world with the mission: Inspire, Encourage, Engage and Empower.”

MGA Innovation Award is presented to an individual, or a team, whose accomplishment/project is judged to be the most innovative and effective in fulfilling one or more of the strategic goals of MGA.

If your IEEE section or chapter is active on social media, you're likely always looking for relevant social content to share with your audiences. Good news: help is here!

A new toolkit has been created by the Corporate Communications & Brand Marketing team to provide ready-to-post content for social media that aims to position IEEE and its thought leadership in technology.

The content covers key technology areas and include links that point back to IEEE resources, such as IEEE magazines, open access articles, videos, newsletters, blogs, IEEE Public Visibility campaigns, IEEE Transmitter, and more. Posts are available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social media platforms. Plus, the posts are formatted so that preview images (associated with the link) will automatically populate when you post.

This social media content resource is available for use by both staff and volunteers. To access it, simply go to the IEEE social media toolkit, “Social Media Content” and enter your IEEE credentials.

Content will be updated on a rolling basis, so check back often!

Summary of the survey:

The IEEE Generation AI 2019: Third Annual Study of Millennial Parents and Generation Alpha Kids illuminates the trust Millennial parents in the U.S., U.K., India, China and Brazil with Generation Alpha children (nine years-old or younger) have in using AI and emerging technologies for the health and wellness of their children.

URL to Web campaign with results:  

IEEE Members in the News

1The Space Show – Ella Atkins, IEEE

The Space Show
November 8, 2019 

"IEEE Senior member discusses the use of robotics in space, leveraging tech for space for the future, autonomous terrestrial, air & space vehicles, human spaceflight and more."

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10 September 2019 - "Observing earth from thousands of sensor-enabled satellites is generating significantly more unbiased data and supporting agriculture, forestry and many other sectors. IEEE President José Moura and IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta provide perspectives on how valuable this new and ever-increasing data haul will be to environmental sustainability efforts."

Rick Pieper, Chair of the IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative, a Signature Program of the IEEE Foundation, announced that 135 high-achieving undergraduate electrical engineering students were recognized as 2019-2020 PES Scholars. These students represent 78 universities across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, and were selected from 326 applicants.

Pieper said, "The students will receive a financial award, one year of IEEE PES student membership and have the opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals in the power and energy industry. We are excited as they begin to explore a career path that ensures the electric grid is maintained & transformed to accommodate society's changing needs."

Visit the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus website to view the list of recipients.

In an effort to increase awareness of the great work that IEEE members are doing in helping to advance technology for humanity, the IEEE Public Visibility committee recently launched an awareness campaign: IEEE Impact Creators. The initiative spotlights the contributions of members who participate in the IEEE Public Visibility program. The IEEE Impact Creators campaign uses online profiles and social media content to give reporters and others a chance to find out what inspires, challenges, and excites top engineers, as well as what influences their work. You can learn more about IEEE Impact Creators through posts on IEEE’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Meet some of the IEEE Impact Creators