The IEEE Conference Education Program is a great way for OU, conference leaders and organizers to stay current with best practices, policy, resources and skills needed for successful IEEE conference and event organizing.

Learning tracks for the primary conference roles – General Chair, Treasurer, Technical Program, Publications and Event Planning – make it easy to gain the knowledge and skills need for success.

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For those in the engineering and technical community, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) has the online content members seek to refresh their skills. ILN offers access to learning content from across IEEE. There are over 800 courses on core and emerging technologies, leadership skills, and engaging technical subjects. Many of these courses, taught by industry leaders, offer CEUs and PDHs for continuing professional development.

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IEEE is proud to introduce the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) which now makes it easier for IEEE members and others in the engineering and technical community to find the IEEE online learning content that seek. ILN offers easy access to online learning content from 14 organizational units across IEEE, all in one place. There are more than 800 courses on core and emerging technologies, leadership skills, and engaging technical subjects. Many of these courses offer CEU's and PHDs. This allows engineers to get the credits necessary to maintain their professional licenses and advance their careers.

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More than 984 million people have little or no access to electricity, especially in remote areas of the world. Without sufficient access to power, these communities continue a cycle of economic impoverishment.

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) seeks champions to lead fund-raising teams using crowdfunding. The campaign, called “Bring the Light,” allows small groups to establish reasonable fund-raising goals and then contribute on-line with one-time or monthly donations to IEEE Foundation.

September 16-18, 2019 

Gaithersburg, MD, USA

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The flagship event promoted by the IEEE Blockchain Initiative together with NIST, the IEEE Global Blockchain Summit, hosted at the NIST Headquarter’s in Gaithersburg, Maryland, 16-18 September, is a 3-day intensive program covering visionary, hot topics, use cases, challenges and opportunities in blockchain technology. 

This year the Summit will have five panels addressing Government, Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Advanced R&D in Blockchain, led by government and industry visionaries.  There will be two round tables discussing US Blockchain Policy and Regulation, led by US Congressman, and another one on Blockchain Supply Chain opportunities.  The speakers are leaders in their field and represent a good mix of the most important topics in blockchain today. 

With data-based research prominent in today’s world, it is helpful to have a central location to store, manage, search, and access datasets. IEEE DataPort™, a valuable easily accessible data platform, is already serving as that central location for over 90,000 users across the globe and it can significantly enhance your research efforts. As an IEEE member, you can upload your datasets to help generate citations and bring your research to the forefront for other researchers and authors. IEEE DataPort provides a DOI for each dataset and enables you to store up datasets up to 2TB each, integrate your ORCID with your dataset, and meet open access requirements.


Looking for the latest IEEE society conference slides? Or perhaps the latest tutorial from your society? Or maybe you are looking to earn educational credits (CEUs/PDHs)? With the IEEE Resource Centers you can explore all this and more. All material is consolidated in one location and IEEE members can access materials at a discounted price and almost all materials are available to society members for free.


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IEEE Resource Centers are organized by content type and are searchable, allowing you to easily locate and view any technical material that you need on-demand. Consider visiting the IEEE Resource Centers and exploring the over 4000 technical presentations and courses. Start today to expand your knowledge base and give your career a boost!

IEEE Learning Network Article

THE INSTITUTE Finding all the continuing-education programs IEEE offers used to require searching more than 40 websites, platforms, and portals. That’s no longer the case. The new IEEE Learning Network (ILN) is a centralized website that provides access to more than 700 courses, webinars, and eLearning programs.

More than a dozen IEEE groups have provided content so far, including the Computer SocietyFuture Directions, Humanitarian Activities, the Power & Energy Society, and the Standards Association.

 “We are all committed to providing the best possible learning experience to IEEE members and others in the engineering and technical community,” says Witold Kinser, vice president, IEEE Educational Activities. “We are pleased to offer this easy-to-use portal to help people find the IEEE educational content they need to advance in their career.”