MGA Scoop - January 2022 Issue

MGA Scoop

January 2022

Upcoming Events

  • IEEE TryEngineering Tuesday: Autonomous Vehicles

    25 January | 12pm ET
    Join the IEEE Computer Society and TryEngineering for January's issue of TryEngineering Tuesday. This student resource & webinar series features an IEEE technical society or community with related activities for pre-university students and a free digital badge! This issue features autonomous vehicles. Dr. Shaoshan Liu, founder and CEO of PerceptIn Inc, an intelligent transportation company, will share his research on autonomous driving technologies and robotics. Learn how you can help students explore, engage, and get inspired about the futuristic world of autonomous vehicles!
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  • IEEE Tech Talk: IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking Standards

    26 January | 9am ET
    The IEEE 802.1 Working Group developed the base architecture and bridging standards for IEEE 802 technologies. While MAC bridging has evolved into VLAN bridging, it has also been enhanced with deterministic networking features for time-sensitive networking (TSN). This session will provide an overview of IEEE 802.1, explore time-sensitive networking (TSN), and discuss application spaces that will accelerate the adoption of TSN.
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IEEE Virtual Events Calendar

The IEEE Virtual Events Calendar provides an up-to-date listing of major events available on demand.

IEEE Transmitter has a collection of articles, videos, and infographics available

Read the results of an IEEE Global Study covering the most important technologies in 2022, industries most impacted by technology in the year ahead, and technology trends through the next decade.

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IEEE Young Professionals 25th Anniversary

IEEE Young Professionals 25th Anniversary

Thank you to our volunteers for supporting IEEE Young Professionals during our 25th Anniversary year! Make 2022 another great year by gaining new skills, expanding your professional network, and exploring new opportunities on the IEEE Volunteering Platform!

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Create Your Data Management Plan with IEEE DataPort

IEEE DataPort

When considering grant applications, one of the most important requirements funding agencies are looking for is your Data Management Plan (DMP). IEEE DataPort now offers a feature to its Premium Institutional Subscribers that makes it quick and easy to create a DMP that will meet the funding agency requirements.

With this feature, IEEE DataPort guides you through the process of creating a DMP, step-by-step, through a simple Web form. The form prompts you to provide information about your research data, such as author, licensing information, and research description. Additional details required for a DMP, such as how the data is stored and made accessible to other researchers is automatically populated into the plan.

Once you have completed the form, you can save the plan in IEEE DataPort, export as a PDF to save locally or submit as part of your research project proposal documentation.

Learn more about creating your data management plan through IEEE DataPort.

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Access IEEE Technical Training for Your Entire Organization

IEEE Technical Training for your Organization

Staying on top of industry trends and technology is critical, but many engineering organizations struggle to develop a strong training plan for their employees. The IEEE Resource Centers offer expert on-demand training for professionals focused on power, energy, and smart grid technologies, including subscription packages allowing for unlimited resource access for your team or organization.

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Visit the PES Resource Center

Register Today to Start your IEEE l Rutgers Mini-MBA 2022

The IEEE | Rutgers Online Mini-MBA for Engineers and Technical Professionals helps corporate employees bridge the gap between business and engineering as they prepare for growth in their careers. Registration is now open for 2022 sessions:

  • March 2022
    • Starts: 7 March 2022
    • Registration Deadline: 4 February 2022
  • September 2022
    • Starts: 12 September 2022
    • Registration Deadline: 15 August 2022

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Member in the News

More Human-Like Robots Could Lead to Better Interactions

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how advances in emerging technologies are enabling robots to be developed to better resemble humans for improved functionality.

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Explore New IoT Learning Path with the IEEE Academy

IEEE is proud to announce the launch of its first IEEE Academy on the Internet of Things. The IEEE Academy on the Internet of Things includes two learning paths on Communications Standards and Computing Platforms.

IEEE Academies are designed to teach in-demand technical concepts in a new way to IEEE members and technical professionals working in industry. IEEE plans to launch the IEEE Academy on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the IEEE Academy on Smart Grid in 2022.

IEEE Academies are created under the vision and leadership of IEEE Past President Toshio Fukuda via the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education, and in partnership with IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Educational Activities, IEEE Internet of Things Community, IEEE Power & Energy Society, and IEEE Smart Grid Community.

“Today, technologists are seeking trusted sources to support their long-term and just-in-time learning needs, and this demand will continue to grow in the future. IEEE has a vital role to play in delivering ‘educational value’ to its members,” stated IEEE Past President Toshio Fukuda.

Visit the IEEE Academies website to learn more and to subscribe for the most up to date information!

IEEE Education Week

IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022) is a weeklong celebration of educational opportunities in pre-university STEM, university, and continuing professional education. To learn more and get involved, visit:

IEEE-HKN Career Conversations Episode 2: Effective Mentoring

In this episode, Rebecca Cohen (HKN Alumna) and John McDonald (HKN Alumnus and IEEE Life Fellow) discuss how to find a mentor, be a mentor, and get the most out of your mentoring relationships.

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Resources for Volunteers

  • Webex Event User Guide available here

  • Interested in using Google Meet? Find out more at or send us an email at

  • IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)
    Find volunteer training and resources in the IEEE CLE.

  • IEEE Learning Network
    The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) gives members easy access to online learning content from across IEEE, all in one place. Browse hundreds of courses on core and emerging technologies, leadership skills, and more.

  • Additional IEEE Virtual Events Resources
    The following IEEE resources can also be useful for organizers looking to virtualize their events: