MGA Scoop - February 2021 Issue

MGA Scoop

February 2021

Important Information: IEEE has established a single platform for all #COVID19 related resources to support our members during the pandemic. Access the latest virtual educational opportunities, free e-books, virtual networking, and more in one place by visiting

Upcoming Events

  • An IEEE-HKN X-Factor Conversation with Marty Cooper, Father of the Cell Phone

    Thursday, 25 February 2021 | 4:00 PM ET | 1 hour | Free Webinar
    Join IEEE-HKN for a live discussion with Marty Cooper, an HKN Eminent Member and Father of the Cell Phone. Marty will speak with S.K. Ramesh. 2016 IEEE-HKN President and a panel of students about his invention, its extraordinary impact on society and what is next in wireless communications. Register now for this free, live webinar presented by IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu.

  • Sections Congress Virtual Training 2021
Save the Date - Sections Congress Virtual Training 2021

IEEE Virtual Events Calendar

The IEEE Virtual Events Calendar provides an up-to-date listing of major upcoming events and offerings available on demand.

2022 IEEE MGA Leadership Positions: Nomination Deadline 15 March

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is soliciting nominations for the following 2022 leadership positions:

  • MGA Vice President-Elect/Board Chair-Elect
  • MGA Treasurer
  • MGA Vice Chairs
    • Geographic Unit Operations
    • Information Management
    • Member Development
  • Committee Chairs
    • Admission and Advancement (IEEE)
    • Awards and Recognition
    • Advisory
    • Life Members (IEEE)
    • Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory
    • Membership Recruitment and Recovery
    • Potentials Editorial Board
    • Student Activities
    • Training
    • vTools
    • Women in Engineering (IEEE)
    • Young Professionals (IEEE)

The deadline to submit nominations for the above positions is 15 March 2021.

Nominate Yourself or a Colleague

A complete list of available MGA positions, committee descriptions, and information on the MGA Nominations and Appointments process are available.

You may need your IEEE login information to access the nomination. For questions, email

Become an Advocate for Modern Volunteering

IEEE Volunteering

Help others become part of IEEE’s mission by providing opportunities for the soft launch of the new IEEE Volunteering Platform! By creating opportunities, you are helping members get involved, learn new skills and expand their professional network- all while receiving the assistance you need for your projects. Creating opportunities is easy. Login to to get started!

IEEE TryEngineering's Pre-University Volunteer STEM Portal

Are you an IEEE Volunteer looking to inspire the next generation to choose a STEM career? IEEE’s launched a new Pre-University Volunteer STEM Portal to support IEEE volunteers in their STEM outreach initiatives as well as building local STEM communities. Explore all the portal has to offer during this demo and Q&A session. Learn how you can Share. Give Back. And Inspire.

Find your region's deep dive today.

Call for Nominations: IEEE Medals & Recognitions

Call for Nominations: IEEE Medals & Recognitions

Nominations will be open 1 December 2020-15 June 2021 for IEEE Medals and Recognitions - IEEE’s highest awards. All are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields. IEEE awards are presented to individuals or corporations for significant contributions to IEEE or for advances in technology within the technical fields of interest of IEEE.

All nominations must be submitted through the online nomination portal:

  • Click here for Medals
  • Click here for Recognitions

The IEEE Awards Board (AB) administers the highest medals, awards, and recognitions presented by IEEE. IEEE Medals are at the top of the hierarchy of awards; the IEEE Medal of Honor is the highest award. IEEE Medals embrace significant and broad IEEE interests and purposes.

For more information e-mail

Volunteers Needed for IEEE Awards

The IEEE Awards Board seeks new volunteers to serve on Award Selection committees and Awards Board standing committees to assist with managing the recipient nomination and selection process for IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, and Recognitions - the highest awards IEEE presents on behalf of the IEEE Board of Directors.

To apply to serve on an award selection committee or as a member of one of the following Awards Board’s (AB) committees, visit the IEEE Awards Board Nominations and Appointments webpage:

  • AB Awards Policy and Portfolio Review Committee
  • AB Finance Committee
  • AB Presentation and Publicity Committee
  • AB Joint Awards with National Societies Committee
  • AB Nominations and Appointments Committee
  • Medals Council, Technical Field Awards Council, or Recognitions Council

Call for Nominations - IEEE WIE Awards -Deadline 1 May 2021

The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) awards and recognition program is designed to recognize IEEE WIE members and Affinity Groups who have made outstanding contributions to IEEE WIE and their communities through their dedication and involvement in activities directed toward fulfilling the IEEE WIE goals.

Submit Your Nominations

IEEE Frances B. Hugle Scholarship Recipient Announced

Olivia Figueira, IEEE Frances B. Hugle Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Olivia Figueira!

The IEEE Women in Engineering committee takes pleasure in presenting Olivia Figueira as the 2020 recipient of the Frances B. Hugle Scholarship, in recognition of her outstanding academic performance and passion for engineering. Olivia Figueira is a senior at Santa Clara University majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and minoring in Mathematics and Economics. Read Olivia's biography here.

Learn more about the IEEE Frances B. Hugle Scholarship.




Artificial Intelligence is a field of very active and intense research worldwide. Corresponding researchers aim at incorporating cognitive abilities into machines, such as learning and problem solving. As a result of their enhancement with Artificial Intelligence components, machines become better and more efficient at performing specific tasks. The state-of-the-art in Artificial Intelligence research is still away from building machines with the capacity to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can and even further away from building machines that can experience consciousness. However, streamline Artificial Intelligence stands out as a research discipline due to its worldwide pace of growth in both theoretical advances and areas of application, while achieving very high rates of success and promising major impact in science, technology and society.

The purpose of the book is two-fold: On one hand, we would like to highlight the very significant research led by women in areas of Artificial Intelligence and, thus, inspire other women to follow studies in the area and get involved in related research. On the other hand, and as Artificial Intelligence is currently a discipline of exciting new research and applications, we would like to highlight the state-of-the-art and current research in Artificial Intelligence areas.

All chapters are INVITED from a small number of world-outstanding women researchers and may be co-authored. A biographical sketch of the (leading) woman researcher will be included at the chapter end.

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Education Opportunities for Februrary

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards – State of Ethernet
The longevity of Ethernet can be attributed to its success in being able to meet the next generation demands of applications that are based on Ethernet. Watch the IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards – State of Ethernet on-demand today to learn about different application spaces that depend on Ethernet.

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Presentation Skills for Technical Work: Where are we now?
The fundamentals of everyday work experienced a seismic shift in 2020. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the IEEE Presentation Skills for Technical Work series to learn strategies to help university instructors and their students (alone or in teams) create their best talks in virtual/remote learning environments.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Why STEM Outreach? Share. Give Back. Inspire
Are you interested in STEM outreach? Hear from IEEE President Kathy Land and a panel of volunteers on this on-demand IEEE TryEngineering virtual event as they share their own experiences with STEM Education, new resources like the upcoming IEEE Volunteer STEM portal, and more.

Watch On Demand

AI Standards - New Course Program on ILN
The purpose of the course program, AI Standards: Roadmap for Ethical and Responsible Digital Environments, is to provide instructions for a comprehensive approach to creating ethical and responsible digital ecosystems. Get access to it today on the IEEE Learning Network. Earn your PDHs/CEUs while learning something new!

IEEE members save US $100.

Each year IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards recognize and honor individuals, sections, and societies for major contributions in developing and delivering educational products and services to IEEE members, professionals, educators, and students. This year the EAB Awards recognize 10 individuals and one section for their contributions to engineering education.

See all 2020 IEEE EAB Award recipients today by visiting:

Online Course Development Templates
In the creation of an online course (sometimes called an eLearning course), the first step is to create a storyboard. Download this PowerPoint template that walks the Subject Matter Expert (SME) through how to create the storyboard which will be used to create an online course.

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ILN Weekly Newsletter
Stay up to date on the latest courses and discounts available on the IEEE Learning Network (ILN). Subscribe today to the ILN weekly newsletter for information on ILN courses, events, and more!

Members in the News

A 3D-printed heart made out of your own stem cells

A 3D-printed heart made out of your own stem cells

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the Generation AI 2020 survey and its key findings, as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of emerging technologies in healthcare.

Watch Video

Explore 3 IoT trends in healthcare for 2021

IEEE member Ramneek Kalra discusses healthcare IoT predictions for 2021 including the growing adoption of complementary technologies such as AI and cloud to more effectively handle patient care and safety.

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Good News! Student Membership Dues Are Now 50% Off!

At the November meeting, the IEEE Board approved a motion authorizing a discount of up to 50% on student and graduate student member dues. This discount is being offered immediately to all renewing and first-time student members.

Students wishing to take advantage of the 50% discount can do so by using the promotion code FUTURE50 during the online check-out process for joining or renewing their IEEE membership.

This IEEE Board action will provide financial relief to students affected by the global pandemic and subsequent economic hardships around the world. This action empowers IEEE volunteer leaders with an additional tool to help students in need of IEEE’s resources, as well as assist students whose IEEE membership has lapsed.

Students who recently renewed or joined at full price can reach out to the IEEE Contact Center at and request a credit on future membership dues.

The FUTURE50 student discount initiative will be supported by a comprehensive social media campaign that rolled out in January 2021. The first major communication of the discount was sent to unrenewed student members in mid-December. In addition, there is a toolkit available for use at the Section, Student Branch and Region-level to help spread awareness of the offer.

Please help spread the word by sharing this message and a graphic from the toolkit on your social media channels and/or with your volunteer committees. View the FUTURE50 toolkit.

Student Membership Dues Are Now 50% Off! Use code FUTURE50 at checkout.

COVID-19 Resources Hub

The Institute asked members who were using their technical know-how to fight the novel coronavirus to tell us about their projects. We received submissions from countries around the world, including Ecuador, Germany, India, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Visit IEEE On the Front Lines to read about them.

Work Life Balance - Bluetooth Task Tracker

A 3D-printed heart made out of your own stem cells

This Task Tracker Aims to Help Remote Workers Achieve Work-Life Balance. The Bluetooth system collects data about users’ daily activities so they can better schedule their time and focus on what really matters.

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IEEE Foundation Reaches $30 Million Campaign Goal

IEEE Foundation Realize Your Impact

Time, talent and treasure contributed by dedicated donors, volunteers and staff enabled the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign to surpass its fundraising target.The IEEE Foundation has 30 million new reasons to be proud since reaching its ambitious US$30 million Campaign fundraising goal. Initiated in 2015 and publicly launched in February 2018, the fundraising target -- achieved in December 2020 -- is driving new levels of technological access, innovation and engagement through far-reaching global initiatives designed to transform lives through the power of technology and education.

"The successful conclusion of the $30 million campaign is exciting not only because it marks the realization of our goal, but also because it points the way to continued growth of the partnership between IEEE and the IEEE Foundation and the expansion of philanthropic support for IEEE programs,” shared 2007 IEEE President and IEEE Foundation President Emerita Leah H. Jamieson. Amid celebration of this milestone achievement, the IEEE Foundation team confirms that it only marks the beginning, not the end, of an important journey.

“We encourage everyone to stay involved as we continue to illuminate, educate, engage and energize,” IEEE Foundation President John Treichler said of the work to come.

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IEEE Risk Management Tutorial

The IEEE Risk Management tutorial defines the fundamental concepts of risk and risk management. One will also learn how to use controls to mitigate the severity of losses if they do occur. IEEE Risk Management is suitable for students and engineering professionals in all disciplines. Upon successful completion of the IEEE Risk Management tutorial, one may earn 0.3 CEU/3 PDH and qualify for a discount on specific IEEE professional liability insurance plans.

Enroll Today

IEEE Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance protects the insured from the risks associated with negligent acts or professional errors and omissions. The IEEE Member Group Insurance Program offers professional liability plans in the US and Canada. Cyber coverage options are also available with some professional liability products. Members who work for themselves or consult are eligible to apply for coverage.

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New vTools Applications

The IEEE MGA vTools team is happy to announce successful new releases for the following vTools application:

  • Officer Reporting v2.3.0
  • WebInABox v4.0.0
  • Voting v2.4.0

View the vTools blog for detailed descriptions of the usability and interface enhancements.

Drive Member Engagement - Host a Virtual Conference Education Workshop for your IEEE Unit

Many Regions, Sections and Societies have utilized virtual workshops to connect with conference organizers, increase their knowledge and share best practices.

MCE Conference Education will support you and volunteer presenters conduct virtual workshops, with consultation, guidance and materials. A library of up-to-date presentations, including speaker notes is available to simplify the organizing effort.

IEEE Unit Virtual Conference Education Workshops – look to improve the organizer experience and lift the quality of sponsored conferences.

  • If you are interested in conducting conference organizer/leader education for your Region, Section or Society, please contact Kevin Hanft (

On-Demand Conference Role-Based Education

MCE Conference Education has comprehensive education resources. All courses are available in the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE).

Conference role-specific learning paths help you gain the knowledge and skills to be successful.

  • Conference Treasurer
  • Technical Program Chair
  • Conference Publications Chair
  • Event Planning

Conference Education Role Based Learning:

Access Learning

An IEEE Account is required for CLE access.

Create An IEEE Account Today

Support Open Data Initiatives with IEEE DataPort

IEEE DataPort

IEEE DataPort provides a global data platform that fully supports open data initiatives and gives individuals and institutions the opportunity to manage, share, access, and store research data indefinitely. Users can upload open access datasets up to 2TB to IEEE DataPort through an easy-to-use and secure web-based platform supported by the AWS S3 cloud. Additionally, by uploading open access datasets to IEEE DataPort, researchers can ensure they are meeting both individual and institutional funding agency requirements and complying with requirements to help secure future research funding.

IEEE Dataport now has more than 600 open access datasets in a broad range of categories, from machine learning to signal processing to health science. In an effort to support research reproducibility, facilitate discovery, and foster innovation, IEEE DataPort makes all open access datasets available at no cost to IEEE DataPort users.

Visit IEEE DataPort today to explore existing datasets or share research data with the global technical community. Upload a dataset for free using the promotion code OPENACCESS1.

New Marking Process for IEEE Xplore® Conference Papers Begins in January

At the IEEE November Meeting Series, the IEEE Conferences Committee approved a motion to establish greater consistency in the metadata of all papers posted to IEEE Xplore®. Starting in January 2021, all conference papers will be marked in the left hand margin of the first page with the following information:

  • Conference Name,
  • Conference Year,
  • DOI, and
  • IEEE Copyright Clearance Code

This effort will support the IEEE author community by enhancing indexing and discoverability of IEEE papers. Organizers are to submit their papers without markings to IEEE and the Publishing Operations team will add the metadata to the papers before posting to IEEE Xplore®. Efforts are also planned to add markings retroactively to papers already on IEEE Xplore® in the future.

An Alternative Design Approach for a Lighter than Air Airborne Wind Turbine Generator System

An Alternative Design Approach for a Lighter than Air Airborne Wind Turbine Generator System

Resources for Volunteers

  • Webex Event User Guide available here

  • Interested in using Google Meet? Find out more at or send us an email at

  • IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)
    Find volunteer training and resources in the IEEE CLE.

  • IEEE Learning Network
    The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) gives members easy access to online learning content from across IEEE, all in one place. Browse hundreds of courses on core and emerging technologies, leadership skills, and more. Check out the weekly selection of courses that active IEEE members can purchase for US$10 each! See our discounted courses

  • Additional IEEE Virtual Events Resources
    The following IEEE resources can also be useful for organizers looking to virtualize their events: