Empowering Innovation - EPICS Expo 2019 at Arizona State University

On the 17th of October, EPICS in IEEE in collaboration with the Arizona State University (ASU) Ira Fulton School of Engineering EPICS program, hosted the first EPICS Expo. The ASU EPICS Expo was an opportunity to highlight the innovative technological solutions that teams of exceptional engineering students were developing to assist local non-profits. 

Ray Alcantara, program manager for EPICS in IEEE stated: “It’s remarkable what these students are able to envision, engineer, and deploy. Everyone who has ever contributed to EPICS in IEEE should be proud of what these students are able to accomplish.” 


The solutions presented by students were as diverse as they were innovative, from solutions to assist those suffering from Alzheimer’s, developing monitors to improve local water supplies, to providing educational and entertainment devices for local zoo elephants. Each project follows a strict framework that requires students to improve on professional skills, not typically taught during a traditional Engineering program; such skills like public speaking, leadership, and budget management. 

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To learn more about EPICS in IEEE, please visit https://epics.ieee.org/