IEEE $1 Million Challenge Call for Proposals! Deadline: 1 August 2019

IEEE $1 Million Challenge

Ideas are bigger today—and they should be. Technology is progressing faster than ever before. IEEE members have always created advancements that allow us to keep up with the changing world. The IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC) is looking for your help with the next big idea.


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IEEE is looking for fresh ideas, innovations, and new concepts for:

·         - Broadening membership through engagement

·         - Enhancing education in underserved communities

·         - Experimenting with new style events


Think you have an idea for this challenge? Talk with IEEE members and volunteers, get feedback, team up, and share resources to make sure your idea is presented in the best possible way. Be sure to get sponsored by at least one or multiple IEEE Organizational Units, which will take ownership of the project.

IEEE is not looking for just your ideas; we want you to turn your ideas into real solutions. That is what IEEE members do best, and how you make a difference in the world. Creative and potentially disruptive approaches are encouraged—IEEE wants your outside-the-box, groundbreaking, and world-shattering ideas and solutions.

Ready to put your ideas into action?

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