IEEE-USA's May Free Audio Book for Members: Rewarding Your Employees in Tight Economic Times--Volume 1: Some Basic Techniques

IEEE-USA's May Free Audio Book for Members Offers Tips for Rewarding Star Employees--on a Budget

What will you do to help important people in your company stay the course?

In the business world, it is not always possible to reward your key and special employees with raises or monetary gains in the conventional sense. However, it is possible to reward them in other ways that will keep them motivated and on-point--all of which keeps those valuable employees in your company--and/or your department.

Listen to author Harry T. Roman’s insights on how to reward deserving employees in non-monetary ways, in IEEE-USA’s May new free audio book for members, Rewarding Your Employees in Tight Salary Times, Vol.1—Some Basic Techniques.

The title says it all--managers may not always have the budget to show genuine appreciation to deserving employees with raises or promotions. Almost all managers can relate to this ongoing problem. However, Roman believes by planning, and using a little creativity, managers can reward top employees “even when the budget won’t allow it, or they’ve topped out in their positions.”

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IEEE-USA's New May E-Book: Women in Engineering--Book 21: Dandelion Wishes--A World Where We Collaborate as Equals

IEEE-USA's New May E-Book Explores How to Collaborate, and Make a Difference in the World--Wherever We Are

Author Alice Squires believes her engineering career actually began at age 8, in a toy store. She had chosen a box of experimental chemistry to play with that summer, and despite her tender age, her parents gave her the freedom to choose her own toys. “I only realized when I was older how much our parents supported our younger generation’s values, despite how different they were from theirs,” she observes. “Growing up, that made all the difference for me.”

The title of Squires’ e-book, Dandelion Wishes, reflects the author’s childhood memory of blowing dandelion seeds and pretending they were wishes to be scattered throughout the world. “The desire to make a difference in the world follows us wherever we are,” she writes. The three goals of her new e-book: To inspire young women and men to pursue their passion-whether in engineering, science, technology, or mathematics; to provide a glimpse into the life of a woman in engineering, and to raise awareness of women’s experiences in engineering toward a shared vision of gender parity.

In an intriguing chapter near the end of the e-book, she examines what it’s like for women in leadership positions today; and what both genders must do to raise awareness of the need to change workplace cultures and practices. She points to such key initiatives as leading by example, mentoring, and being an ally for those in inequitable situations. “Acquiescence,” she observes, “moves the problem to the next generation.”

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