Global Launch of Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition

Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (EAD1e), will be launched and publicly available on 25 March 2019. In recognition of this milestone, IEEE will host a global webinar to announce the availability of this seminal publication and to provide brief perspectives on the work and its use. The webinar takes place March 25, 9:00am eastern and registration is available via 


Speakers from the open community that developed EAD1e will focus on how the work represents more than a comprehensive report, distilling the consensus of its vast community of global creators into a set of high-level ethical principles, key issues, and practical recommendations.

EAD1e is an in-depth work, a one-of-a-kind treatise, intended not only to inform a broader public but also to inspire its audience and readership of academics, engineers, policy makers, and industry to advance autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) technology in a positive direction and that honors human rights, people’s values and increases well-being.