IEEE-USA's New, Free November Audio Book for Members

IEEE-USA's November New, Free Audio Book Encourages Young Children to Explore, Be Curious and Be Creative

IEEE-USA’s November new, free audio book for members, Abigail and The Fish Tree, by Sonali Ranaweera, relates the story of a young girl who uses her curiosity and creativity to produce a gardening wonder.

IEEE-USA E-BOOKS’ youngest published author, Ranaweera believes we must all encourage young children to think outside the box, and expand their imaginations. Now 17, she was only 11 when she created the story.


Intended for children ages 5 to 8, Abigail and The Fish Tree offers a valuable tool to encourage youngsters to explore their own curiosities--and embark on their own creative adventures.  Older elementary and middle school students can also use the story in their own writing assignments--as an example of how to use their imaginations.

From 1 November through 15 December, IEEE members can get their free audio book download in MP3 by going to:

Consider purchasing the companion e-book – at the special discounted price (for members only) of $2.99 -- for 34 colorful, imaginative pages. Your children can read along, as they listen!  Available at the same URL as the audio book.


IEEE-USA's November New E-Book: Women in Engineering—Book 19: An Engineer by Opportunity

IEEE-USA's November New E-Book Explores How Engineers Are Valuable Anywhere, Doing Anything

IEEE-USA E-BOOKS author, Michelle Nanney’s interest in STEM began in high school, as she won prestigious math and science competitions.

Nanney was named both class valedictorian and “most likely to succeed,” the year she graduated. However, this IEEE Senior Member has gone on to hold a range of positions in multiple industries, and she has owned and managed five e-commerce businesses.

Her career path cutting across diverse businesses is now the subject of the newest volume in IEEE-USA’s Women in Engineering (WIE) e-book series: Women in Engineering—Book 19: An Engineer by Opportunity.

Nanney points out that not only does an engineering degree have prestige, but it can also open doors to jobs and industries where engineers are not typically found. “An engineering degree makes you more competitive in the employment market,” she says, “But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will perform engineering work.” Nanney concludes: “A recent study shows that only 27% of college graduates are working in the field they majored in.  Engineers are valuable anywhere—doing anything.”

Women in Engineering—Book 19: An Engineer by Opportunity is available at for only $7.99 for members. Non-members pay $9.99. 


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