The Digital & Creative Innovations team has created a flexible, free IEEE-branded website template suite for use by staff and volunteers. These templates support conferences, local IEEE Sections and Regions, Student Branches, programs, services, and initiative websites to create high quality, user-friendly web designs. 

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IEEE will soon be extending Concur, the new Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Platform, to IEEE Regions!  Concur is already in use by IEEE Major Boards, Committees, Societies and Technical Councils and the feedback has been very positive.

Concur is a cloud-based expense reporting and reimbursement platform, and is designed to create a fast and efficient electronic expense reimbursement experience for IEEE volunteers.  IEEE's implementation of Concur already delivers volunteers a broad range of benefits, including faster reimbursement and the ability to track real-time status of expense reports. This affects you if you submit expense reports to a Region.

Concur has been introduced in a multi-phased rollout that began in Q4 2018 and is anticipated to extend to Regions in late September.  More information is coming soon, so stay tuned! 

IEEE staff and volunteers may interact with children through a multitude of diverse programs, including, but not limited to: educational STEM programs and clubs, conferences, mentoring programs, workshops, and others. If you currently participate in IEEE programs that involve working with children, or plan to do so, please review the IEEE Guidelines For Working With Children and IEEE Policies. The Guidelines are referenced within the IEEE Civility Policy.

As was first announced on September 19th, the IEEE Payment Manager application has added a new feature to allow Conference Concentration Banking users to make USD check payments through the online portal. 

The application can be accessed by visiting  Upon logging into the Payment Manager application, conference organizers now have the ability to choose “Check” from the “Payment Type” dropdown menu, in addition to the ACH (Automated Clearing House) option that was made available last December.  After filling out the necessary payee information and attaching any supporting documentation, organizers will submit the check request.  Once approved, the request will be routed to Wells Fargo Bank where the check will be generated and mailed directly to the payee.  After the check has been deposited by the payee and cleared through Wells Fargo, it will be reflected on your Concentration Banking Reporting System (CBRS) statement including an image of the actual check. 

As part of IEEE’s commitment to provide programs that are both enriching and safe for all participants, IEEE has developed new guidelines and procedures for volunteers and employees who participate in IEEE-sponsored activities that include children. 

The IEEE Guidelines for Working with Children were approved by the IEEE Board of Directors and are referenced in the IEEE Civility Policy.