Look No Further Than IEEE DataPort to Manage Your Data

Engineers and researchers are often faced with the challenge of finding a central location to store, access, or share their research with the larger global technical community. IEEE offers IEEE DataPort™ as a solution to this challenge by providing users a web-based data platform to share and manage their datasets in one trusted location. Uploading datasets on IEEE DataPort™ can generate citations for one’s research, allows users to collaborate with other data owners, and link manuscripts. 

IEEE DataPort™ dataset uploads are currently free for all. Standard datasets will always be free to upload and for a limited time Open Access datasets can be uploaded at no cost using promotional code OPENACCESS1 at checkout. Hosted datasets are accessible worldwide and you can eliminate the tedious process of finding a hosting platform and making additional payments involved with storing the data. Fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), IEEE DataPort™ offers high value with no cost at this time. To learn more about IEEE DataPort™ and to upload your own dataset, visit ieee-dataport.org.