Check Payment Functionality Comes to IEEE Payment Manager

As was first announced on September 19th, the IEEE Payment Manager application has added a new feature to allow Conference Concentration Banking users to make USD check payments through the online portal. 

The application can be accessed by visiting  Upon logging into the Payment Manager application, conference organizers now have the ability to choose “Check” from the “Payment Type” dropdown menu, in addition to the ACH (Automated Clearing House) option that was made available last December.  After filling out the necessary payee information and attaching any supporting documentation, organizers will submit the check request.  Once approved, the request will be routed to Wells Fargo Bank where the check will be generated and mailed directly to the payee.  After the check has been deposited by the payee and cleared through Wells Fargo, it will be reflected on your Concentration Banking Reporting System (CBRS) statement including an image of the actual check. 

Requesting a payment via IEEE Payment Manager is simple and secure, and since the application is cloud-based, requests can be made from any internet-connected device worldwide.  Requesting checks through Payment Manager also enables IEEE to take advantage of additional fraud control protections to help ensure that your conference and IEEE as a whole are safeguarded from identity thieves and other potential fraud schemes.  Conference organizers will still be able to use any paper checks they received when they opened their account.  

Please note, the ability to request a check through this application is available only to conferences occurring on or after July 1, 2018.  Any conferences occurring before this date that need assistance issuing a check, as well any payment requests that cannot be made via check or ACH, please contact  

Please note: Check Payment Functionality in the IEEE Payment Manager is for Conferences only