IEEE-USA's February Free E-Book for Members

IEEE-USA's February Free E-Book for Members Helps Parents Teach Their Children to Solve Real-World Problems


In February’s free e-book for members only: Teaching Your Kids to Think and Solve Problems, veteran author and educator Harry T. Roman offers parents a practical approach to creative thinking, learning and problem solving for their kids. Using examples of typical activities around the house, Roman shows parents how they can encourage their children to think creatively, learn and solve problems.  In concise, but information-packed chapters, the author describes how youngsters can help with such family-centered activities as home improvement projects, backyard improvements, kitchen skills and family vacations.


Roman has worked with schools throughout New Jersey for many years, to bring real-world problem solving into the classroom. Now, his e-book provides parents with dozens of practical ideas for helping their children to experience the power of solving problems, while also building up their kids’ logic and math skills. He encourages parents to challenge their children with fun, practical, real-world problems the kids may encounter in their adult lives. 


From 1 February through 15 March 2019, IEEE members can get their free e-book download by going to:; signing in to their IEEE Web Account; adding the book to their cart; and entering promo code FEBFREE19 at checkout.




IEEE-USA's New February E-Book: Women in Engineering--Book 20: Seeing the Light--My Career in Engineering


IEEE-USA's February New E-Book Follows an Engineering Career from Croatia to Australia to the United States--from Academic to Entrepreneur


In mid-2001, Dalma Novak took a leave of absence from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and she began working for a venture-backed startup in the United States. The firm was developing a new submarine fiber-optic telecommunications network.


When the company failed several years later, she used her hard-won business expertise to co-found--with her husband who had shared the startup experience with her--a new company. Today, Novak is Vice President of Engineering at Pharad, LLC, a leader in developing advanced antenna and high performance RF-over-fiber technologies.


An IEEE Fellow, 2014-2015 President of the IEEE Photonics Society, and an internationally recognized expert on microwave and millimeter-wave photonics, Novak has now written an e-book on her career in academia, and as an entrepreneur. Seeing the Light: My Career in Engineering by Dalma Novak, Ph.D., is the newest volume in the award-winning IEEE-USA Women in Engineering (WIE) e-book series.


Women in Engineering--Book 20: Seeing the Light--My Career in Engineering is available at -- for only $7.99 for members. Non-members pay $9.99.



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